Characteristics of men and women Taurus in the year of the Rooster

Nata Carlin February 21, 2018

People born in combination signs Taurus-Rooster, endowed with tremendous inner potential. They are cheerful, easy-going, find a common language with people. The gloominess and detachment from the world of Taurus softens the positivity and love for the life of the Rooster. That is why people of this combination of charactersvery peaceful and conflict-free. They adore bright and beautiful things, should always be the center of attention. However, they are more likely conservatives than followers of everything new and creative.

The main thing that values ​​Taurus-Rooster especially in people -decency and honesty. He himself possesses these qualities in full. The uncompromising nature of Taurus brightens the wide views of the Rooster, so people of this combination of characters can be convinced that they are sometimes wrong. Special human kindness lives in their hearts, they are accustomed to sympathize with and empathize with others.They do not need to be called for help in a difficult life situation, they themselves see where they are needed and will always appear without an invitation.

You can always rely on Teltsov-Petukhov in your work and partnership. They are distinguished by rare perseverance, perseverance, responsibility and diligence.

The usual for Roosters agility and love for squandering money in this sign is balanced by the frugality of Taurus. Therefore, people of this combination of charactersvery rational and respectful of the money that is earned. This allows them at a fairly early age to achieve financial stability and independence.

In any business for which the representative of this sign is taken, he is guaranteed success.He never breaks into a risky event,carefully consider the pros and cons. He is a great strategist and reliable business partner. His character is based on perseverance and persistence, which allow you to overcome any obstacles on the way to the intended goal.

The usual for Roosters agility and love for squandering money in this sign is balanced by thrift Taurus

The usual for Roosters agility and love for squandering money in this sign is balanced by thrift Taurus

Characteristics of men Teltsov-Petukhov

The Taurus guy in the year of the Rooster was born under a lucky star. He is a lucky guy who can easily learn everything: from school, to the achievement of transcendental heights in his career. The main thing is to want! He has no difficult life problems that require mobilization of effort and nerves.

Many talents that are naturally endowed with a representative of this sign help them to achieve their goals in life. However, excessive impulsiveness and hot temper become an obstacle on the way to the intended goal. Often in such a state it is difficult for them to perceive the information that others are trying to convey to them, therefore it is very difficult to contact.They need to calm down completely and only then make the right decision..

The character of men Teltsov-Petukhov initially laid militancy and desire to fight for justice. If they succeed in this business, they feel no less than they are as masters of the universe. Men of this combination of signs are extremely independent, do not listen or simply do not hear advice from the outside, thereforevery often left alone with their opinions.

Taurus man-rooster can realize himself in any field of human activity.If he chose a sphere for himself, he can work tirelessly until the first results appear.

Rarely does this guy choose a career that is contrary to his beliefs, beliefs or desires. However, even in this case, they are waiting for success. They are always on the path to perfection, the main goal for them -take a leadership position in the company where they work.

People who have reached certain heights in life, male Taurus-Roosters can afford expensive restaurants, chic resorts and hotels. This is the main motive at the moment when they move up the career ladder to senior positions.

Imperfections of the mark

The weakness of the Teltsov-Petukhov men lies in the fact that he is constantly busy with his career issues, he just keeps away from the realities of life and completely goes into a routine.He sometimes needs to be distracted and again learn to enjoy the world around him.These men can be advised to do morning runs in order to take a fresh look at all the present that surrounds them, and at the same time take a break from work.

The main goal for Taurus is to take a managerial position at the enterprise where they work

The main goal for Taurus is to take a managerial position at the enterprise where they work

Characteristics of women Taurus-Roosters

The Taurus girl, born in the year of the Rooster, is systematic, rational and very reserved, unlike the man of this combination of signs. The main traits of these ladies -reasonableness, prudence, pragmatism. Surrounding people especially appreciate the desire for excellence, diligence, decency, great strength of will in these ladies. They have an answer and their own opinion on all the questions that arise.

If a female Taurus-Rooster decided to devote her life to a particular occupation or work, then know that she had long thought through every step on the way to the zenith of glory to the smallest detail.

This lady knows exactly what needs to be done to achieve success and is deliberately moving in this direction. The woman of this combination of signs is not greedy, but very frugal, therefore already at an early age can boast of financial stability

Their relationships with people are not very good. Accustomed to taking into account only their own point of view, secretive and unsociable, they repel others from themselves.They will never share with their friends (which they don’t have in fact) their own plans and intentions, they don’t like to gossip and talk about their men.Even in communication with close people from them it is impossible to hear about plans in a career or personal life.

Imperfections of the mark

The weakness of the character of women born in the Taurus-Rooster combination of characters is that they show excessive zeal and perseverance in any life situation and in solving any problems. The downside is that as a result, they lose their temper, trying to do everything around them “in the right way” and become unbearably noisy and aggressive.The waking dictator does not enthuse those who are near at this moment, and as a result, people simply withdraw.

The weak side of the character of women born in the Taurus-Rooster combination of characters is that they show excessive zeal and perseverance in any life situation

The weak side of the character of women Teltsov-Petukhov is excessive zeal and perseverance in any life situation

Love compatibility Taurus in the year of the Rooster

Relations with women in the male Taurus-Rooster are quite good. He always chooses the brightest, most reckless, fun and active girl of those whom he only knows. To partner he has a number of requirements -she must be beautiful, intellectually developed and generally the best.However, quite often a Taurus-Rooster man can publicly criticize the shortcomings of his passion.Not every girl can translate these attacks into a joke, and very often the gentleman is left alone, not knowing why he was abandoned.

As a rational and calculating person, the Taurus-Rooster man knows exactly what needs to be done and from which side to approach the construction of love relationships with the girl you like. He knows, but his impulsiveness and fervor interfere with the implementation of the intended plan and everything goes wrong. Another nuance that repels women is that a man of this combination of charactersbelieves that he is perfect and is a gift of fate for any lady. He is always sure that he is absolutely right and insists on his own, wanting to blind from his partner, as from clay, only his ideal being driven.

Characteristic of men Taurus-Rooster

Relationship with women at the man Taurus-Rooster develop quite well

At a young age, men are not recommended to build a family of this combination of characters. These marriages were initially doomed to a painful separation. Over time, the male Taurus-Rooster,becoming more tolerant and calm, may already be thinking about creating a family.

Relations with men women Teltsov-Petukhov built on a clear calculation of all the pros and cons, good and bad.The whole process of dating and development of events is a strictly planned sequence of actions by a woman (no matter how the partner tries to convince himself of the opposite).They literally harass their men with demands, perseverance, integrity and discontent.If they meet a man who suits them, they will do everything possible to live with him happily. However, one should not expect the impossible from these ladies - the romance for them is an empty sound and fabrications of spoiled ladies. But stability and prosperity with them are guaranteed.

The decision to marry a Taurus-Rooster comes hard. They plan and think for a long time this step without forcing events.

Only by choosing someone who, in their opinion, will be able to provide for a family and be a reliable spouse, do they assume the likelihood of marriage. In the house, they strive for perfect order and harmony.However, the opinion of the household on any of the reasons for them is an empty sound.

Compatibility in love Taurus, born in the year of the Rooster according to the eastern horoscope, is possible:

  • To the maximum extent with: Monkey, Horse, Rat, Tiger.
  • It is necessary to take a closer look (maybe that will burn out!) To: Goat, Cat (Rabbit), Pig, Rooster.
  • It is undesirable to create alliances with: Dragon, Snake, Dog, Bull.

According to the western horoscope, Aries, Sagittarius, Capricorns and Scorpions are perfect for love and marriage. In work, business and friendship pay attention to Lviv, Aquarius, Gemini, Libra and Pisces.

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