Characteristics of men and women Virgos in the year of the Rat

Anna Lyubimova October 21, 2017

The striking combination of pragmatism and sensuality determines the whole course of life of these people. They approach their careers, personal lives and relationships with others with a clear idea of ​​what they want and what is needed for this, but listen carefully to the inner voice of their physical “ego”. If any person causes their physical rejection, they will, if possible, try not to deal with him.

Logical mentalitymakes those born under the Virgo-Rat combination very clever and observant, and emotionality helps more quickly than many to perceive the positive aspects of the new, to see the benefits of risky undertakings hidden from others. At the same time, the Rats are cautiously analyzing all situations and do not like in vain to “substitute” for the blows of fate. They are cautious and thrifty, they know a lot about finance and they know how to turn themselves to the advantage of any favorable chance.

Characteristics of the male Dev-Rat

Logical mindset makes those born under the Virgo-Rat combination very intelligent and observant

Characteristics of the male Dev-Rat

The representatives of a strong half of humanity, under the auspices of this dual unity, have inherent pedantic thoroughness and quick thinking. These seemingly completely opposite qualities make them indispensable in every endeavor. The management can always be sure that the most difficult task will be carried out not only quickly, but also carefully, with repeated verification of all the initial data. This feature does not remain invaluable.

Responsible and hardworkingthe Virgo boy, born in the Year of the Rat, briskly walks up the service ladder, stepping over some steps. In some cases this may make him arrogant and haughty, but mostly these people have a kind heart and get along well with their colleagues. Lively, friendly disposition and activity facilitate their adaptation in any team, and the ability to penetrate into the psychology of each individual helps to build a reasonable relationship with everyone.

The Maiden-Rat will never shy away from her duties, but does not like to take upon herself what others should do

The complex nature of such men is determined by the demands on themselves and the constant search for a moral ideal. In this regard, theylove and appreciate everything that looks perfect, always bring to the end. In conjunction with the high intelligence that the Dev-Rats are endowed with stars, these properties allow them to achieve the highest goals. Their talents are well revealed in research work, scientific research, painstaking creation of reference books and encyclopedias. In the production of such specialists assign the most complex tasks, and they perform them with brilliance.

The family is also among the priorities of the Dev-Rat men. In her they areearners and defenders defending their homefrom any intruders. The nobility of their nature becomes the basis of trusting relationships with the household. Here they are loved, appreciated and respected.

The disadvantages of the sign Virgo-Rat

The complex nature of the Maiden-Rat is determined by the demands of oneself and the search for a moral ideal.

Imperfections of the mark

The rat is a large proprietor, and Virgo is a terrible pedant. Combined in one person, they make it very difficult to communicate with those who are not in the circle of friends, relatives and partners.If for all who are close to them, such mensupport and supportthen from outsiders they are instinctively fenced off by their employment, focusing on important issues. They may push them away with seeming arrogance, but in reality they simply don’t want to take responsibility for someone who does not matter to them.

Another weakness of the Virgin-Rat is that they hate it when they take their stuff without asking. But you can put up with it. If you do not violate the order established by them, these are the sweetest people who do not burden others with their problems. True, such secrecy and restraint harms them. Therefore, theyneed positive emotions, rest, physical activity.

Characteristics of women Dev-Rats

Charming creature, which many mothers and aunts potential suitors gaze at with tenderness.

The young girl Virgo, born in the year of the Rat, is intelligent, modest, has good taste and different economic skills.

Her character is distinguished by homeliness and friendliness. However, this does not mean that she is going to limit her world to the care of loved ones, although on this path the Rat Maidens have no equal.

Women of these marksvery reasonable and quick-wittedthey do not get repeated repetitions of the same operations, a detailed analysis of the same type of information. In a heap of diverse information, they will always find a golden grain of meaning that can grow to the present. Dev-Rats make good scientists, managers, process engineers, educators, and psychoanalysts. Due to their sociability, they easily make new acquaintances and establish useful contacts, with the help of which they then “promote” their ideas and business. They willingly share their accumulated luggage with relatives and close friends, but remain indifferent to everyone else.

Virgin Rats -loyal daughters, wives and mothers. They spare no effort to care about the health and well-being of the senior and junior members of the family. Their house shines with purity, and guests are greeted with the aroma of freshly baked cookies and freshly brewed coffee. There is always an atmosphere of cordiality and respect for the interests of everyone. Insightful housewives use their subtle intuition to recognize the mood of the husband, children and parents, to rally and unite the family.

Characteristics of women Dev-Rats

The proprietary instinct pushes these strong ladies to total control over their children and their spouse.

Imperfections of the mark

The obvious minus of women of these signs is excessive guardianship of relatives. They are able to just suffocate care, suppress their will with their warnings and fears.Proprietary instinctpushes these strong ladies to total control over the children, and if it works out, over the spouse. As a result, such authoritativeness undermines trust between them, and weak spiritual contact prevents the full potential of love that exists in the soul of such a woman.

Love compatibility Virgo in the Year of the Rat

Both men and women of this "star" combination are distinguished by nobility and a reasonable view of the search for who suits them. They are in no hurry to marry for the stamp in the passport.

For all the sensuality and emotionality of the Dev-Rats, compatibility in love for them is always associated with a common concept of life, the ability of a partner to listen and understand another. They will not approach the candidate with strict requirements to accept their ideals, but they will try not to miss the one who really shares them.

The Virgo-Rat man is attentive and courteous to his lover. Perhaps the partner would like to bring a little more romance into their relationship, but this is not always achievable.

But she will never doubt the loyalty and reliability of the chosen one. The union of two Rats is very difficult, but its complexity smooths the harmony in the intimate sphere. Family life with Taurus, Cancer, Aries is approaching the ideal. Quarrels and alienation lurk after marriage on the representatives of the signs of the ever-wavering Gemini, the arrogant Sagittarius, amorphous Pisces.

Woman Virgo-Rat is not satisfied with the relationship in which the second half will be occupied only by themselves. She is looking for stable support and care. In a marriage with Capricorn, he may feel depressed by his will, but he will find a kindred spirit by connecting his fate with Cancer or the Virgin.Tense will be constant communicationwith Pisces or Twins.

Maximum compatibility Average
Minimum compatibility
According to the eastern calendar Bull, Dragon, Monkey Goat, Pig, Dog, Snake, Rat, Tiger Rooster, Horse, Cat (Rabbit)
Western calendar Virgo, Aries, Cancer, Taurus Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, Libra, Capricorn Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini

Full description of the child of the Virgin born in the year of the Rat

This is an extremely active and proactive child. His countless “why?” And “why?” Are able to provide work for several scientific institutes. But, even having received the coveted answer, the little boy Virgo, born in the year of the Rat, does not stop there, but asks a new question.

It is enough for parents to direct his curiosity in the right direction, and he will learn the school curriculum faster and better than many of his peers. True, restlessness and a penchant for leadership prevent the young creature from focusing on useful things. Growing up, he understands the value of deep knowledge and good grades, early realizes what advantages they give him. Adding to this innate diligence, hesucceeds in the chosen field, pleases relatives of balanced character and material stability.

The glorious girl, the Deva-Rat, is distinguished from an early age with accuracy and discretion

She loves order in relations with relatives, the regime of the day, toys and is extremely negative about any deviations in the system of her world.She studies well, is friends with her classmates and neighbors, but few become close to her heart. But the girl Virgo-Rat will take care of and support them all his life.

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