Choosing stylish bags in 2015 (15 photos)

What can not do without any girl? Of course, without a bag! But such an accessory is needed not only to store important ladies' things and various trifles. If you treat the choice of bags responsibly and carefully, then she will be able to revive the most boring image and become a highlight and bright accent. And what will be fashionable in the future in 2015? We learn!

Beautiful shape

What should be the perfect bag?

The brand

To be in trend and follow fashion is great. But if even the most fashionable bag does not fit with your style or is simply uncomfortable for you, then do not expect anything good. So, first of all, it is worth highlighting several important points that you need to pay attention to when choosing a handbag. We list them:

  • Convenience and spaciousness. If you carry a lot of things with you, then they will not fit into a miniature clutch. Pick something more massively. If you are used to wearing a bag on your shoulder, then you should not change this habit, otherwise you will feel constant discomfort if, for example, you have to hold the accessory in your hand.
  • Colour. It has long been irrelevant and unfashionable to combine the color of the bag with shoes.This accessory can be a bright accent if you choose a shade that is contrasting to the color scheme of clothes. You can, of course, combine shades by choosing one range. For example, if you have an orange blouse, then choose a bright yellow bag, it will look attractive and juicy. And some designers advise you to choose such accessories to match the clothes, which will allow you to create an unusual and at the same time stylish and elegant look.
  • Season. Shoes all pick up, given the time of year. In the same way it is worth choosing and handbags. For example, summer accessories can be bright, light, juicy. Autumn obliges to choose deeper tones and romantic and elegant forms. And winter is a time when you want to warm yourself and surround yourself with furs. Spring bags can excite the mind and make you wake up after hibernation.

What the coming year is preparing for us: fashion trends


Which bags are the most fashionable? 2014-2015 - the time of discoveries and experiments. But, as they say, everything new is well forgotten old, it was also taken into account by designers. So what will be relevant? Let us dwell on the most important points:

  1. Dimensions. They may be different.If you are not used to carrying tons of cosmetics and other things with you and prefer minimalism, then especially for you, designers have thought out almost microscopic dimensions. But comfortable large bags did not go to the background.
  2. The form. Here, too, there is plenty to choose from, everyone will be satisfied. For example, you can stay on the soft lines and feminine silhouettes, which one wants to touch. But strict forms and clear lines are also available. Prefer clearness in everything? Get a frame bag.
  3. Style. And then the choice is great, there are options for every taste: retro, futuristic models, classics and much more.
  4. Colors. In general, you have the right to choose what you like, and designers take this into account. That is why the trend bright colors: turquoise, red, mustard, red. The bright and sunny yellow tone is especially popular, it can be combined with not less warm orange. Classic black is still popular, which can be revived with versatile white. Although these contrasts are considered classics, they look very bright and lively.
  5. Prints. In the trend colorful bags with mixed stylistic and geometric patterns.Separate geometry is also relevant. At the height of fashion, animalistic prints: leopard, animal images, flowers. Also relevant cell.
  6. Decorations. The lovers of everything brilliant and bright will be satisfied, because the handbags of the coming year will be richly decorated with such details: rivets, fringe, laces, rhinestones, embroidery, spikes, straps, chains and much, much more. Handbags with contrast edging will be very fashionable.
  7. Materials Classic leather will probably never go out of fashion, because it is so elegant and practical. Want something unusual? Add chic reptile skin, such as crocodile or snake skin. Textiles and various fabrics are also relevant. Youth light bags can be sewn from different fabrics, which would seem to not be combined with each other. But it looks original and fresh. Another fashion trend is furs, they are present in almost every fashion collection. From them can be made as separate parts and decorations, and the entire handbag as a whole.

Several variants

Glitter metal

Now we offer you the most current, bright, fashionable and sometimes unusual accessories:

  • Clutches. They still remain relevant.You can choose a classic lacquered clutch or unusual fur. Such detail as a hand strap is very convenient. And bright decorations and details will revive the image and give it creativity. This option, by the way, can be suitable both for a chic evening dress, and for a more free and bright cocktail. And some models are great with jeans.
  • Microsuns. They are so small that they fit literally in the palm of your hand. Models can be the most diverse (from the same clutch to the reticule), but the main feature is the small size. This option is ideal for miniature persons.
  • Relevant convenient and practical saddle bag in a cowboy style. To some, such a model may seem boring and unfeminine, but in fact, if you add bright colors and details, then your opinion will definitely change. This option is perfectly combined with jeans, and with everyday, but this feminine dresses made of knitwear or chiffon.
  • Handbags will be fashionable over the shoulder (in the fashion world, they are called “cross-bodysuit”) of both classic and calm colors, as well as bright and rich colors.
  • Tote bag will also be in trend.It is a package with two handles parallel to each other. This option is ideally combined with the everyday style and allows you to make trips to the shops and even travel for short distances.
  • Popular are the so-called bag-sleeves, which are a bag with a bottom, draw on a drawstring or strap from the top and having one handle. This option is ideal for active young people.
  • Frame bags will delight lovers of clear lines. The strict and well-defined silhouette perfectly combines with the classic style. A bright accent of the image can be a bag-box or a bag-chest with a creative decor. Such models resemble jewelry boxes, so they will certainly attract attention.
  • Backpack or shoulder bag. Practical, convenient and fashionable. Ideal for active girls.
  • Vintage will also be relevant. Look in the wardrobe of your grandmother or mother, and you will certainly find there a strict neat leather handbag with a snap in the upper part and a short handle. Perfect for real ladies!

Helpful Tips

Yellow miracle

Some useful recommendations for fashionistas:

  1. Be sure to buy a few bags for different occasions!
  2. In your arsenal there should be classic options: a black clutch, as well as a classic handbag without unnecessary details of medium size.
  3. If you choose a bright bag, then do not overload the image with other flashy details, focus attention on this accessory.
  4. Do not strive for the perfect combination of textures and colors, sometimes contrasting tandems of tones and fabrics can make your style more profitable.
  5. Do not be afraid of bright details and experiments, in the end, life is one!

Have a good and enjoyable shopping!

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