Satin Ribbon Ice Cream Clip

Before creating the “Ice Cream” hair decoration you need to prepare: - wide satin ribbons of yellow, white and mustard shades. - clip 5.5 cm long. - tweezers. - lighter.- mother-of-pearl half beads. - cabochon of light green color. - glue gun. - cut of yellow felt. - scissors. Making decoration. All ribbons, necessary cut into equal lengths of 5 cm, so that the result is squares. To create the ice cream you will need 5 yellow, 10 white and 9 mustard-colored parts.
 clip Satin Ribbon Ice Cream
Now you need to take one piece of yellow color and fold it out it is a triangle.
 clip Satin ribbon ice cream
Holding the corner of the detail with your fingers, you need to tuck both sides of the triangle.
 clip Ice cream made from satin ribbons
Continuing to hold the edge of the workpiece with your fingers,it must be doubled, focusing on two bending strips.
 clip Satin Ribbon Ice Cream
Corners that were squeezed with your fingers should be cut, leveling. The resulting multi-layered slice needs to be strongly burned by fire in order to fuse them together.
 clip Satin ribbon ice cream
Having measured from 4 mm fold band, all surplus ribbons should be cut with scissors, for clearance depth details. The sections obtained should also be singed so that they do not crumble and join each other.
 clip Satin ribbon ice cream
It turns out a neat petal.
clip Ice cream from satin ribbons
The same petals must be made from the rest of the prepared squares of different colors.
clip Ice cream from satin ribbons
The result shouldget 5 yellow, 10 white and 9 mustard-colored blanks. White and yellow parts can be set aside, now mustard color will be required.
clip Ice Cream Satin Ribbons
Now you need tweezers, they need to pinch the edge of the petal 1 mm.
 clip Ice cream from satin ribbons
The fabric over the tweezers should be slightly melted with lighter fire. Then, stepping back 7 mm, it is necessary to make the second same taps, but it is important to make sure that it is symmetrical.
 clip Satin ribbon ice cream
The detail takes on a triangular look and form. All other petals from mustard-colored ribbon must also be processed.
 clip Satin ice cream tape
From the received parts it is necessary to assemble a cup for ice cream. It is created from three rows. To create the first row, you first need to glue the two parts together, combining their side parts,at the same time, the pointed edges of the workpieces direct one downwards to the other.
 clamp Ice cream from satin ribbons
Then you need to attach the third piece, also fixing on the side.
 clip Ice cream satin ribbons
This is the first row finished, it can be put aside, and proceed to the assembly second on the level. In the third row, the details need to be glued together in the same way, only their number differs, here they need 5 pieces.
 clamp Ice cream from satin tapes
Now you can connect the ready-made rows from mustard color details. And in the end under the first row you need to attach one part, finally forming a glass for ice cream.
clamp Ice cream from satin ribbons
Next we need white petals, from them we need to make a semicircle, gluing along the sides together.
 clipIce cream from satin ribbons
The resulting blank of 10 white details should be attached to the wide edge of the ice cream cup.
 clip Ice cream of satin ribbons
Then you need from yellow parts, glue a small fan, combining all 5 blanks.

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