Clooney and other stars that tag Trump

Hollywood actor George Clooney alarmed the public with his decision to go into politics and the desire to run for the presidency. By the way, he is not the first celebrity who wants to lead the country.

The first and only to date Hollywood actor, who became president of America, is Ronald Reagan. Before exchanging the world of cinema for a political career, Reagan starred in as many as 54 films!

It all started with the participation in the presidential campaign of one of the candidates. The actor gave a heartfelt speech that impressed the Americans. Therefore, when Reagan decided to run for the post of governor of California, he effortlessly won the victory. After 6 years, Ronald had already taken part in the presidential election and led the country for eight whole years. Apparently, the brilliant political career of the former colleague does not give rest to Hollywood actors.

George Clooney

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When George Clooney announced his readiness to marry, many of his colleagues were surprised. Like, an inveterate bachelor all his life contempt for marriage ... How many women tried to drag him down the aisle, and then suddenly the wedding! Beauty lawyer Amal Alamuddin succeeded in doing something that the recognized Hollywood beauties did not succeed in. True, not without a fly in the ointment. Former passions whispered on the sidelines. Like, Clooney found a very profitable bride, with enviable ties in the financial and political sphere.

George himself only added fuel to the fire, forcing him to think about the mercenary nature of the marriage union. At a recent press conference in honor of the film �Suburbicon,� the actor suddenly announced that he was not opposed to running for the US presidency, but even cited the well-known Ronald Reagan and California ex-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as an example. By the way, the decision of the actor is supported by his friends. And yet it is not clear: is he joking or is he serious?

Will Smith

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A few years ago, Smith joked about how he would have done an excellent job as head of America. But if then it was just a game for the public, then last year the actor declared serious readiness to participate in the presidential race.

His wife Jada even worried about the prospect of becoming the country's first lady.According to her, Will is seriously targeting the presidency, and she is sickened by politics, and even more so by the responsible status of the first lady. However, Mrs. Pinkett-Smith�s fears were not justified. While the spouse is not in a hurry to start a political campaign.

Kanye west

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Spouse Kim Kardashian is not the first time shocking the audience scandalous antics. He will grab the award out of the hands of Taylor Swift, taken aback by surprise, and call it an unworthy award, or declare that he is the father of the child of the former passion Amber Rose.

At the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony, Kanye was stunned by the public with another scandalous statement. Receiving the award from the hands of the same Taylor Swift (the poor girl this time presented the Kanye award herself), the rapper shouted into the microphone: �I decided that I would run for president in 2020!�

Laugh laugh, but Kanye�s decision was supported by some stars. For example, Miley Cyrus expressed that she would vote for him, and the star family Kardashian - Jenner, too, will not be able to refuse his son-in-law.

Lindsey Lohan

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This woman had only time to have dinner at the White House, as she immediately thought about her political career.The actress shared a photo in her microblog and said that she was following the example of Kanye West, who inspired her to make such a decision.

�Bad girl� promised that the first thing she would do when she took office was to help all suffering children. The next day, the actress, apparently, had already forgotten about her lofty goals, having gone to a party in a nightclub.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

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He was called the second Ronald Reagan. After all, he, like his colleague, began as governor of California. For seven years, "Iron Arnie" rules the state. Being on the rise of a political career, Arnold even stated that his presidency was in his plans, but, unfortunately, was hindered by Austrian origin. Under US law, only an American can become the head of state. However, Schwarzenegger�s career as a politician failed: if the first term was quite successful, then Californians counted the days until the end of the term. And the resilient Arnold returned to the cinema again - from where he started.

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