Cockerel Goth has black not only feathers, but even bones.

If you think that before you the usual miracle of Photoshop, you are mistaken. Indonesian chickens Ayam Chemani are black from feathers to bones, and their cost reaches 5,000 dollars for a couple.

When they first saw Ayam Chemani’s chickens, many hardly believe that it’s not a photoshop miracle, but real-life birds. Their feathers are deeply black and, like the wings of a crow, they are cast in bluish purple shades. In addition, every bird organ appears colored in dark ink.

Surprisingly, the Ayam Chemani chickens carry eggs of a light beige color.

The reason for the strange color is a genetic mutation, fibromelanosis. Black chickens produce 10 times more melanin than normal white and motley breeds. In this case, such an anomaly did not reduce the value of the breed, but on the contrary, made chickens from the Indonesian island of Java special. Locals believe that black chickens are endowed with mystic power and use their meat exclusively as a medicine in traditional medicine and as a sacrifice in magical rituals.

In the early 19th century, Danish traders brought black chickens from Indonesia to the West for the first time, and since then, black-and-black chickens have appeared on the tables of expensive restaurants. A couple of chickens Ayam Chemani is estimated at $ 5 000. The gourmets who taste them assure that the taste of a black bird is much more delicious than usual. However, what else will tell enthusiasts who decided to lay out an astronomical sum for exotic soup or black "chicken tobacco"?

In Florida, there is a farm Greenfire, where the rare breed Ayam Chemani is bred. Birds from the farm sometimes serve in special rituals: as photo models. More recently, adorned with million dollar jewelry and with a bright ribbon over his shoulder, a black cock patiently and with dignity posed for a photo shoot in New York.

Hatching eggs with ivory-colored shells are black, just like their laying mother.

So maybe let the black chickens remain ordinary pets? Admittedly, they are able to frighten and force many uninvited guests to set back!

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