Coconut water is an unusual and healthy drink.

Although coconuts grow on palms in distant hot countries, coconut water can now be purchased at any major store. Is it useful?

What it is?

Coconut water is the juice of young coconuts. But to get such a liquid, it is necessary to extract it from young green fruits, since as they mature, the juice becomes oily and thick, turning into coconut milk.

This drink is very popular in hot countries, there they drink it as often and as much as, for example, apple or orange juice in European countries. Most recently, coconut water for most people was an inaccessible luxury, but today it can be purchased at the store.

By the way, coconut juice should be consumed almost immediately after the opening of the fruit, because under the influence of light it quickly deteriorates.

For this reason, in the first few hours, the extracted and intended for sale water is poured into packages and sent.The juice inside the uncracked fruit is sterile, and therefore there are known cases of its use instead of saline for injection.

What is in this water?

The composition of coconut water is rich and unique. It includes carbohydrates, chlorides, fats, cytokinins, electrolytes, lauric acid, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, potassium, selenium, sodium, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, molybdenum, calcium, vitamins C, B12, B6, B1, essential amino acids and many other useful components.


Useful properties of coconut water:

  • Surprisingly, in terms of the composition of electrolytes, the juice of young coconuts is very similar to human blood, so it was used during wars for blood transfusion and restoration of plasma volume.
  • Coconut water is very useful for hypertensive patients, as it helps to normalize the level of blood pressure.
  • Juice of young coconuts is a natural natural energetic, which is recommended to be used by athletes and weakened people during the period of recovery after injuries or recovery from serious illnesses.
  • This drink is also useful in losing weight, as it is very nutritious, but it contains a few calories (about 20-40).
  • Due to the high content of vitamins of group B, coconut water can be used as a mild sedative, normalizing the work of the nervous system and protecting against the negative effects of stress.
  • This drink not only strengthens the immune system, but also helps to fight with bacterial, viral and even fungal infections. In addition, it helps to get rid of parasites.
  • Coconut water is able to quickly restore the water-salt balance and replenish fluid reserves during dehydration.
  • With regular use of this drink can strengthen the blood vessels and prevent the development of atherosclerosis.
  • Coconut water helps to eliminate toxins and toxins and purify the body.
  • Substances that are part of the juice of young coconuts, take an active part in the processes of hematopoiesis and improve the composition of blood.
  • Enzymes and cytokinins that are part of coconut water, restore the integrity of the cell membranes and, therefore, contribute to the restoration of all tissues and improve the functioning of organs and systems.

Can everyone drink?

There are no contraindications for use. Coconut water is contraindicated only if you are hypersensitive.There are no side effects either. But since coconut is a tropical fruit, there is a risk of allergies.

Where to buy and how to choose?

Buy coconut water today can be in large chain stores. But not any water will be useful. First, it must be stored in an airtight container with opaque walls. In bottles such a drink is not for sale, most often it is bottled. Packaging should not have any damage, if they are, most likely the product is damaged.

Secondly, the composition should not include any preservatives, dyes, flavors and other artificial additives. Thirdly, water must be produced without fail in hot countries where coconuts grow, for example, in Malaysia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Madagascar.

Today, Cocowell is the largest and practically the only coconut water supplier in the CIS countries. The cost of one package of a drink with a volume of 1 liter is about 200-300 rubles.

How to use?

Coconut water can be used instead of other drinks. But do not abuse it. So, a day will be enough two glasses of drink.Remember that coconut water is not stored, so try to drink it in the first few hours after opening the package.

What can be made from coconut water?

What to cook from coconut water? In some countries, it is added to coffee, desserts, hot dishes and even soups. But especially tasty get a variety of drinks. We offer several recipes:

  • Smoothies You will need 150 ml of coconut water, 1 green apple, 3 tablespoons of honey, ½ lemon and a few spinach leaves. Peel the apple, chop and chop it in a blender with lemon pulp and spinach. Add coconut milk and honey, whisk everything again.
  • You can prepare an energy cocktail that will help you recuperate after workouts and heavy loads, as well as get a boost of energy throughout the day. For cooking you will need: 1 small pineapple, half a small melon, 1 liter of coconut water and two green apples. Peel pineapple, remove the core. Clean the melon flesh from the seeds and peel. Wash apples, peel, remove cores from them. Cut all the fruit into slices, place in a blender and grind until smooth.Pour in coconut water, chop and beat again.

Outdoor use

Surprisingly, coconut water can also be used for cosmetic purposes. Firstly, it can be added to the usual used cosmetics immediately before use. Secondly, it can be used for washing or wiping the face. Thirdly, such a drink will help get rid of cellulite and restore the skin firmness and freshness. You just need to lubricate the problem areas and wrap them with food film for an hour.

Let coconut water give you health, beauty and youth!

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