Congratulations to boys on February 23 from girls in school and kindergarten - Congratulations to classmates boys cool schoolchildren in prose and verse


To congratulate the boys on February 23 was interesting and extraordinary, girls need to think in advance all the details. In the kindergarten, the caregivers will come to the aid of the little ones and will undertake the planning of holiday performances and the selection of the repertoire. Schoolgirls, most likely, will not want to limit themselves to official congratulations in prose, but try to prepare some cool surprise for classmates, for example, a funny sketch or a video parody. Such pleasant tokens will surely please the boys and turn the Defender of the Fatherland Day into one of the most vivid and memorable holidays.

Congratulations to the boys on February 23 in kindergarten - poems and options for gifts

Defender of the Fatherland Day is celebrated in kindergartens widely and magnificently. Girls under the supervision of teachers and nannies prepare beautiful, kind, warm greetings and lovely, pleasant gifts for boys. As a greeting holiday words usually choose small poetic works dedicated to the men's celebration. They are memorized, and then recited during matinees and other celebrations. Such unusual and bright congratulations on February 23 are very flattering to the boys and they, although still unconsciously, begin to look at their group mates with different eyes.



Let your height be small and still very young,
No one dares to doubt,
What is this boy without fear in his eyes
The villains will overcome any.

So let this courage grow with you
To the glory of the great fatherland.
And let everyone who lives nearby know
That you are a real Protector!


You are a young fighter, not afraid of obstacles
And with the courage of all you amaze.
The protector of the family, the real soldier,
You know a lot and you know.

I wish you this February
Stronger and wiser to become
So dad and mom love you
And tears forgot eyelashes!


You boys know
Important holiday! All things
Hurry to throw!

We are now working for you
We will perform!
You forget care
And go for a walk!

It's time to rest!
Because all year round
You have a thousand troubles!

How to make a gift-congratulation on February 23 for boys in kindergarten

A solid, beautiful and stylish holiday card, made by a girl with her own hands, will surely please every boy. In the manufacturing process, there are no difficulties and babies of 3-6 years old can easily cope with it. To create a present, you will need the most prosaic materials: several sheets of paper of different colors, a ruler, a pencil, stationery glue, an eraser and scissors. The teacher, most likely, will not need to interfere with the work. Unless, it is necessary to look after children more closely at the moment when they will cut out small decorative details with scissors. So that no one gets hurt and everything goes quietly, you first need to explain to the group the safety guidelines necessary to comply with contact with sharp, cutting objects.Toddlers should understand that while working, accuracy and reasonable care are very important. Knowing this information, the guys will show additional attention to their actions and will try to behave more responsibly.

Congratulations boys on February 23 from girls at school - funny video parodies

Congratulations on February 23 for boys in school can be very different and here everything depends on the creativity and fantasy of classmates. If girls want to show these qualities and truly surprise their friends, they will surely come up with an explosive, original and unusual surprise, for example, a sweet, kindly and funny video parody of the boys from the class. In the video below, you can see how interesting, bright and extraordinary this variant of congratulations on February 23 looks in practice.

The project will require several girls with artistic abilities. They will have to reincarnate as their boy friends and, in a somewhat exaggerated form, show their brightest, characteristic and recognizable features, specific phrases and behaviors. One of the girls should shoot these mini-scenes on the phone, and then mount them into a single film under a simple online video processing program.

If the abilities allow, it is appropriate to supplement the composition with musical accompaniment, for example, with each boy's favorite songs, and then on the day of the holiday to demonstrate a movie collage in front of the whole class on a large TV screen or on a monitor in a computer class. The boys will be amazed by such a gift and will come to the full delight of how the girls congratulated them on February 23.

The only thing that needs to be observed when creating a parody is tact and the rules of decency. It is unacceptable to focus on someone's unattractive traits or bad habits. Everything that happens on the screen should make everyone smile, including the parody object. Nobody should feel like a mockery, otherwise the holiday will be spoiled, and the relations in the class will deteriorate.

Congratulations on February 23 boys-schoolchildren on the names of girls in verse and prose

To mark the school boy in a special way and select him from all other classmates, you can prepare for him a personalized greeting on February 23. The student will be extremely flattered by such a sign of attention from the girl and will feel like a real hero.In this way, it is appropriate to express our sympathy to someone who has been very pleased for a long time, but there was no reason to say this out loud. In addition, a personal greeting will show how the boy himself belongs to the girl and whether they have the prospect of stronger friendships.


Personal greetings on February 23 in verse are more suitable for primary school students. They sound fresh, vigorously and optimistically, are easily perceived by the ear, in an instant lift the mood of the hero of the occasion and create a feeling of a real holiday in my heart. After all, every member of a strong half of humanity, even the youngest, is always pleased with the attention of the fair sex.


I wish you, Sergey,
More loyal friends
So you always lucky
And happiness went on the way,

And under your arm led!
You be lucky, all evil.
And do not know the trouble
And never be disheartened!


I'm from the 23rd of February
You, Vitaly, congratulations,
Health, happiness and good
I sincerely wish you.

Successes you achieve,
And let there be no barriers in life,
Let dreams come true
Let your family always love!


I, Daniel, wish you,
On February 23rd
To live, not discouraged,
To close close friends

Always stayed with you,
And never failed,
So that more people smile,
Your dreams led you!

Congratulatory texts in prose are always more weighty and solid. It is better to tell them to the children of middle and high school, for example, during the class hour dedicated to February 23. The official tone will emphasize the solemnity of the moment and make schoolchildren feel like real men.


Dear Andrey, I congratulate you on February 23! I wish you to achieve the highest results in all your actions and endeavors. To dignity and courage was your beginning. Health, strength, vitality and many victories! Happy holiday!


Valentin, I congratulate you on Defender of the Fatherland Day! I wish you to be honest, courageous and strong, like brave soldiers defending our country. Study well and delight your parents with your achievements and successes, help in all things and be for all the protection and support.


On your holiday, dear Oleg, I wish you to carry through life and never lose that excitement to life, the relentless thirst for accomplishments and the realization of your own dreams, which you probably met in a good book.

Congratulations on February 23 to the boys - cool scenes from girls


To invent for boys the usual classical greeting from February 23 is very simple, but to prepare, really, an unusual, bright room for the holiday - this should be tried. And without fantasy is not enough. For example, you can play an original, funny sketch on "Girls are tired." Her idea boils down to the fact that one day her classmates were terribly tired of the girls. And it's not surprising, because there's no use to them, they only pull at the pigtails, insulting nicknames are invented and the lipstick is dragged from the bags. And they do not say compliments and do not admire the beauty of the girls. And offended girlfriends zagadali to guys disappeared. Jokes jokes, but their desire was miraculously accomplished, and the boys at one point disappeared.

At first, the young ladies felt great and enjoyed loneliness. They stopped painting and went in crumpled pajamas and old robes. Why dress up, because there are no boys anyway. But very quickly they are tired of this situation. “We have to get the guys back,” said the girls and ran to clean up.At the end of the scene, they returned to the school smart and beautiful and, finding the newly appeared boys, congratulated them on the holiday with pleasant and warm words.

The beauty of this congratulation on February 23 is not only a cool story, but also an opportunity to use in the scene all girls who are studying in the classroom. And the simplest video editor will be suitable for processing the material.

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