Costumes for James Bond will create Tom Ford

After much persuasion, Daniel Craig finally stopped breaking and promised to play James Bond. Answering a question from moderator Stephen Colbert on the air show The Late Show, whether he returns to Bond, the actor said: “Yes.” But he assured that the fifth and certainly the last time. Daniel made his debut as an agent of 007 in 2005 (Casino Royale) and has since dreamed of leaving a successful, but rather annoying project for him, not wanting to become an actor for all of them.

Publication from James Bond 007 (@ 007)Mar 2 2017 at 2:08 PST

So we can exhale, the leading man is approved. It remains to wait for the premiere of the jubilee part of the Bondiana, and it is announced on November 8, 2019. Neither the title nor the details of the plot yet, but thanks to costume designer Jenny Temim, we still learned the first interesting details of the upcoming filming: Agent 007 will perform dangerous tasks in Tom Ford costumes. "I wanted clothes to show that the hero is in great physical shape," said the dresser. “But how can you see muscles through a suit?” The task is not easy, but Tom Ford coped with it. "

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