Crafts from zucchini do-it-yourself for the holiday of autumn. Variants with a photo of interesting crafts from zucchini for school and kindergarten


Creating crafts out of zucchini with your own hands is not at all difficult, and you can see for yourself by examining our master classes with photos. Following these tips you can teach children of different ages to make beautiful, spectacular and catchy toys and compositions for the Autumn Festival, which is held at the beginning of the new school year in kindergartens and schools.

Crafts from zucchini do-it-yourself for the Autumn holiday - "Ship with Sails"

At the very beginning of the school year, various events and exhibitions take place in schools and kindergartens where children of different ages demonstrate crafts created by themselves from scrap materials and gifts of nature.On the Autumn holiday, various bouquets of dried flowers, interesting pictures of leaves and beautiful compositions of fruits and vegetables are prepared. As the main material for handicrafts, zucchini is most often used, since they have a dense consistency, keep their shape perfectly and are amenable to processing with any sharp objects from a penknife to the most ordinary needle. We will tell you how to make an original craft called “Ship with Sails” out of the zucchini with your own hands for the Autumn holiday.


Materials needed for the manufacture of the ship from the zucchini

  • large squash - 1 pc
  • sheets of white cabbage - 2-4 pieces
  • carrots - 3 pieces (1 thin and 2 thick)
  • matches
  • toothpicks
  • long bamboo skewers
  • sharp knife
  • tea spoon

Step-by-step instructions on how to do your own craft “Ship with sails” for the Autumn holiday

  1. Dry unpeeled zucchini cut along so that one part was 1/3, and the second - 2/3 of the whole fruit.PK-002
  2. On the greater half of the vegetable, on 1/3 of the entire length, leave a raised deck. On the remaining part, carefully cut a groove with a sharp knife and carefully select the pulp with a spoon so as not to damage the integrity of the skin.PK-004
  3. Two thick carrots clean, wash and wipe dry with a paper napkin.One cut into plates of the same thickness, and then cut out of them two ship flags and anchor. The second cut into circles, which later will be useful for the manufacture of the steering wheel control and side windows.PK-005
  4. With a smaller part of the zucchini clean off the skins and cut out a pair of ladders from it. In length, they should correspond to the height between the upper and lower deck of the ship. From the largest circle of carrots using long slices cut into small pieces to assemble the steering wheel. At the edges of the high part of the deck, cut through several windows. Toothpicks strengthen on the deck the ladder and the steering structure.PK-007
  5. Attach three portholes along the right and left sides using toothpicks. Big anchor to place closer to the nose. The edges of the boards decorate matches with bright or dark heads.PK-008
  6. Cabbage leaves are very carefully cut to suitable dimensions, carefully pierced with wooden skewers on the type of sails on the masts and set on the base of the ship. From above to fix tags from carrots. On the nose to make a through hole and push into it a whole thin carrot.Ready-made ship with sails, made with your own hands from the zucchini for the Autumn holiday, place on the exhibition table or, if desired, hoist on a small cardboard pedestal.

Crafts from zucchini for kindergarten - "Happy train"


For babies from kindergarten you need to choose simple crafts from courgettes. It is desirable that they can be made without the use of sharp, cutting and piercing objects, since children at this age are not yet able to carefully handle a pen or stationery knife. If this cannot be avoided, the process of creating a craft from a zucchini should be constantly monitored by adults (tutor, nurse, parents) in order, if necessary, to help the child and save him from accidental cuts and other unpleasant moments that are potentially possible when dealing with sharp objects. .

In this master class, we will explain in detail how to create a simple and beautiful craft of zucchini - “Happy train” in kindergarten.

Materials for the manufacture of locomotive zucchini

  • small squash of the same size - 4 pcs
  • carrots - 1 pc
  • hard cheese - 50 g
  • toothpicks

Step-by-step instructions on how to make a crafts from the kindergarten "Happy train" in kindergarten

  1. Wash squash thoroughly and wipe dry with a linen towel. Two of the shortest zucchini act as cars. The third vegetable will need to be cut into two parts and one of them to fix on the first car for beauty. This will be the "head" of the locomotive.
  2. The remaining zucchini cut into rings about 0.5 cm thick. They will serve as wheels for the train. Attach them to the cars with the help of toothpicks and decorate the top with thin strips of hard cheese.
  3. From an unused piece of hard cheese cut four thin sticks, lay out a window on the uppermost car and fix it with toothpicks on the side of the structure.
  4. On the nose of the locomotive to make a groove and insert a small carrot into it. Ring the carrots to decorate the front of the main car.
  5. Set on a plastic tray or cardboard and decorate with a crafted zucchini group room in the kindergarten.

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