Cunning knows no bounds: the mystery of how foreigners are circled around the finger in Turkey

Turkey is a country that is focused primarily on tourists. Revenues from the tourism industry account for approximately 4.5% of annual GDP. And even ordinary small individual entrepreneurs, who do not even declare their profits, have learned to resort to various kinds of tricks to earn a living.


For example, many shoe cleaners offer their services to foreigners for free. However, tourists, if they nevertheless agree, pay the money to obliging Turks themselves. Guess why? Check yourself and find the correct answer can be found under the illustration.


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Turkish shoe cleaners are so cunning that they clean only one shoe for free. And because a passerby who fell for the bait, but does not want to look strange in one shoe polished to shine, is paying extra for cleaning the second one.

Such ingenuity of ordinary people can only envy.We are ready to bet that they would solve our riddle in two accounts.

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