Decorate a candle with beads

Fire has always been for a man something fascinating and alluring. Therefore, it is not surprising that many of us are not indifferent to candles: big, small; wax, paraffin or gel. In the shops you can find a variety of candles, decorated in a variety of ways. But you can also decorate the most ordinary candle yourself, for example, with the help of beads. To work you need:
 you will need
• Candle. It can be of any size, color and shape, as long as it is not gel. • Beads. The choice of beads also depends on your preferences and the creative idea you want to realize. • Wire. Beads will be strung on it, so its thickness should be appropriate. Alternatively, you can use a fishing line or thread. The advantage of the wire is that you can bend it the way you want. • Pen and pen. You should first check the bottom of the candle to see if the pen or marker is being erased from its surface. • Hairdryer. It is necessary in order to slightly soften (“melt”) wax or paraffin.It is not recommended to use open fire, for example, another candle, as your working candle can be smoked and turn black. At first, use a felt-tip pen to draw on the candle the drawing or ornament you want to realize.
draw on the candle
With the help of an empty rod from a handle or other sharp, but not too thin object, repeat the pattern so that small" grooves "are formed where the beads will fit.
draw on a candle
stacked beads
At one end of a small piece of wire, we tie a knot and string the beads.
 fit beads
We attach the wire with beads to our picture and we press a little into the candle, but not much so that it does not start to crumble.
 fit beads

Turn on the hair dryer and hold the candle in the work for a few seconds.
 Turn on the hairdryer
Once again, gently press the beads into the already softened wax.Make sure that the beads are not inclined to the side if it is not in your plans.
 we press the beads
press the beads
Slowly pull out the wire for a knot.
 we press the beads
Again we string the beads and repeat the already familiar" procedure "until we know how Let's finish the drawing.
Decorating a candle
So you can create themed candles for different holidays: New Year's - with the image of fir branches and Christmas tree decorations, Easter - with willow and pysanky, Valentine's Day - with hearts. It is simple, fast and unique.
 Decorating a candle

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