Decorative braid in new fashion collections

Tape can be different. Let me remind you, this is a long and narrow decorative ribbon. Designers use it quite often in the latest collections. And note, it is not always so narrow. Today we want to show our findings on the use of braid along the board in jackets, coats

Decorating with a braid along the board is a fairly common method. A thing immediately becomes very decorative.

There is, of course, an ethnic bias. But not always, and not explicitly.

Tape can be contrast. Then she practically plays solo.

They love designers and combine several ribbon threads into one. Maybe they can not choose, which is better?

Absolutely, as we are needlewomen.

Or maybe the braid can be just the final element, the edging collecting a pretty motley pattern into silhouette. In this case, the color of the braid is often selected in the color of the main pattern.

There is a very unusual tape. Probably made by hand?

A separate topic in recent times is a very textured braid of black color.This is a very contrasting combination. Practically for any fabric. Contrast either textures or colors. Or both of them simultaneously.

Let go along the side-and already beauty! The boring jacket is immediately transformed into the original one. This can be worn on any occasion.

The concluding photo, however, is no longer a jacket, but also with a ribbon along the side.

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