Decorative cabbage: planting and care

It is possible to use decorative cabbage for design of a personal plot. It can be planted in beds, containers. It acquires the basic color scale from August to October. Plants tolerate frosts well to -8 ° C and repeated transplantation from one place to another.


  • Choose a place for planting in open ground should be sunny or with little shading.
  • The soil should be selected sandy, enriched with humus (at the rate of 10 l * 1 sq. M) and well sifted.
  • Land before planting seedlings should be thoroughly shed with a solution of potassium permanganate or fungicides, it is necessary to disinfect the soil.
  • Seedlings are planted in open ground after May 15, when warm, dry weather sets in.
  • At the selected landing site it is necessary to dig holes 3–7 cm deep. The distance between the holes for round varieties is 25–30 cm, for palm-shaped ones 50–70 cm.
  • Seedlings placed in the hole, sprinkle with earth and plenty of shed warm defended water.


  • The main care for decorative cabbage is the constant removal of weeds and loosening the soil.
  • Also required systematic, but not frequent feeding from May to July. On fertile soil it will be enough to apply nitrogen fertilizers once every 10-15 days.
  • In order to protect the cabbage seedlings from pests, calendula, dill or basil can be planted in between.
  • From slugs and snails, plants can be sprayed with peppermint or wormwood infusions, and the soil should be mulched with sawdust. If there are a lot of pests, you can use chemical preparations, such as Bitoxibacillin or Lepidotsid.
  • To prevent diseases of the root system (fomoz or keel) it is necessary to follow the rules of crop rotation on the site. If the disease has appeared, you can use fungicides.

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