Difficulties in growing palm trees

Brown tips of leaves. The cause is dry air. Palma is in great need of spraying, especially in the heat. Also, do not forget about enough watering.
Yellow leaves. The leaves turn yellow from insufficient watering. Do not forget that in the heat of the palm tree you need more moisture, the roots should not dry out.
Pest damage. Palm is subject to attack by spider mites. This insect is located on the inside of the leaf, and the leaf is covered with yellow bumps. Spray the plant with derris, and the tick will not. A palm tree can also be attacked by a mealybug. These white insects are collected on the leaves in groups. You need to fight them in the early stages - just wipe the sheet, removing insects with a damp cotton swab.
Brown spots on the leaves. Such a disease occurs either with excessive watering, or with a sharp decrease in the temperature of the content. Be sure to remove the damaged leaves and correct your mistakes.
Completely brown leaves.If only the lower leaves darken, this is a natural process of aging and dying. Just tear off the old dark leaves. If darkening occurs throughout the palm tree, this indicates excessive watering. Reduce watering.

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