Divination for Christmas at home for love, betrothed, money and the future from 6 to 7 January 2017. How to guess at Christmas time at home

GNG-001The tradition to arrange divination for Christmas at home arose in ancient times and successfully survived to our days. And modern girls, just like their contemporaries several centuries ago, on the night of 6 to 7 January, gather together, guess at love and try to learn from the higher powers the name of the suitor, his character, the date of the wedding and his future.


If you also want to lift the veil of the future and find out how your life will be in the near future, when real love will come into it and how money will please you, carefully read the following article, wait for the coming of Svyatok 2017 and read fortunes at home.Popular beliefs say that during Christmas divination from the other world you can get the most truthful, frank and honest answers.

Christmas fortune telling from January 6 to January 7, 2017 on love at home

Christmas night, coming from January 6 to 7, is an ideal moment to read love at home, find out the name of the contented person and get answers to other “amorous” questions, for centuries disturbing the minds of all beautiful ladies, regardless of age or social status . Ancient beliefs say that at this time the boundary between the world of people and spirits is thinning and magical creatures, literally, are eager to make contact with a person in order to inform him during divination what is usually hidden under the thick curtain of the future.


  • Fortune-telling onions. In order to find out exactly what the potential spouse will have a name, they buy several bulbs a week before Christmas, write the initials of candidates for grooms on each of them, and then put the bulbs in jars of water. On the night of Christmas, they come up to the bow and quietly whisper such a plot over him: “Bow, onion, whisper, who is my fiancée?”.Repeat the word three times, and then measure the length of regrown greenery with a ruler. The groom is indicated by the longest, sturdiest and color-rich feather.
  • Divination on a gold ring.To carry out the ritual at Christmas, they write the names of familiar young people on small pieces of paper and lay them out on the table in random order. They put a thick thread through the golden ring and lead it over pieces of paper with names. There, where the jewel will shake most of all, and the name of the man, who has sincere love for the woman, is written.
  • Guessing on salty.To see in the dream of the future spouse, before going to bed at Christmas eating something very salty, then go to bed and say three times: "Who is my mummer, who is my narrowed, give me a drink!". A man who submitted a glass of water in a dream will soon confess his love and become a husband.
  • Divination "The Bridge".To find out the name and appearance of the future life partner, an improvised bridge is twisted from twigs and on Christmas night they put it under a pillow. Before you fall asleep, they are concentrated and asked that the betrothed in a dream translate through the bridge. The one who does this will soon say love and become the bridegroom.
  • Guessing on the glasses.The nature and inclinations of the future spouse determine fortune-telling on four glasses. Three of them are poured water at room temperature. In one add a spoon of honey, in the second - 1/3 teaspoon of citric acid, in the third - a spoon of table salt. The fourth glass is filled with wine. Glasses are mixed and covered with a napkin so that their contents are not visible. She chooses a glass with a left hand and looks at what is in it. Honey means that love will be strong, and husband - good. Salt indicates the unfortunate nature of the spouse, frequent quarrels, tears and sadness. Acid predicts a dull and colorless family life, and wine makes it clear that the elect is inclined to drink too much.

Festive divination for Christmas - how to guess the future of the house from January 6 to 7, 2017


The surest way to know your future is to arrange Christmas divination for you. To do this, on the night of January 6/7, 2017 at home you need to perform several simple rituals that will help you to know exactly what surprises fate has prepared.

  • Guessing on the egg.In a glass of water at room temperature, they dissolve the protein of one chicken egg and carefully consider the forms it takes.A figure resembling a church promises a young girl strong love and a quick wedding, and a ship with sails hints that a man is going to have a sudden journey. The protein, which has fallen to the bottom during divination, says that one should prepare for cataclysms and life's troubles.
  • Divination by candle.On the night of Christmas, wash and dress up clean, elegant clothes. A new candle is put on a wooden stand, they mentally ask an interesting question, they set fire to the wick and watch the flame very carefully. The dim light speaks of the upcoming sorrows, a small, even fire promises a quiet life without upheavals, a bright, blazing light promises a generally successful fate and mutual love, and if the crack of a candle is heard clearly, the person will have plenty of happiness. The yellow flame hints at joy, the red-orange one indicates a big profit in business, and soot indicates problems, difficulties and misfortunes.
  • Guessing on the cups.On the eve of Christmas three cups are taken: the first one is filled with water, the second one with sugar, and the third one is put in a ring. Then close your eyes tightly, turn around three times clockwise and with your left hand choose one of the cups.The water says that the year will pass ordinary and no vital events (neither good nor bad) will happen. Sugar foreshadows love, fun, many joys, financial well-being and good profits from all new projects, ideas and undertakings. The ring signals that a great love will appear in the life of a woman and a very important man who will become a spouse in the future.
  • Divination on the torch.On Christmas night, they take a medium sized birch spike in their hands, dip it into the water, and then set it on fire. Immediately taken up the fire, turning into an even flame promises a calm future, strong love, a happy and comfortable family life. Strong crackling and flashes promise small problems, worries and sorrows.
  • Divination on the walnut.On Christmas night a copper basin is filled with boiled water. On the thin strips of paper they write the most important events for themselves, for example, promotion at work, marriage, mutual love, purchase of real estate, holidays on islands, etc. These inscriptions are attached to the edges of the pelvis with double-sided tape. In half a walnut shell put a short church candle, gently set it on fire and send an improvised boat to sail.To which piece of paper he sticks, the event will happen in the coming year.

Divination in Christmas at home from 6 to 7 January 2017 for money


Many people think that divination for Christmas at home is only to find out the name of the betrothed and get some answers to questions about love and family happiness. However, this is absolutely not the case. On the night of January 6/7, 2017, when the Christmas eve begins, it is possible not only to clarify everything that concerns the affairs of the heart and the near future, but also to get the most complete information from the higher forces about money and financial matters.

  • Guessing on the water.Before Christmas, they pour water from the tap into a large container, take a handful of stones in their hands, repeat the request for financial well-being to themselves three times, and then throw one pebble into the water and consider how many circles there will be. An even number says that there will be plenty of money, and an odd one promises material problems.
  • Guessing on paper.On the eve of Christmas, the paper is cut into 15-20 pieces of the same size. Most of them are left clean, and the rest draw symbols of various currencies. All paper is sent to an opaque bag of fabric and mix thoroughly.Guessing puts his hand in the bag and seeks to grab as much paperwork as possible. Then they open and recount. A lot of clean paper points to a financially difficult year. The predominance of the signatures signals financial well-being and large profits.
  • Guessing on the book.At Christmas, they take a religious book and mentally ask what the next year will be in terms of money. Then they randomly open the page and, without looking at the text, put a finger on one of the lines. What is written there will serve as an answer to the question of the fortuneteller.

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