Does the bride need a wedding bag?

In the image of the bride everything should be perfect, including accessories. A handbag can be not only an interesting decorative detail, but also a useful thing. But does she need a bride? And how to choose it?

Do I need a wedding bag?

Do I need such an accessory as a handbag? The bride herself should decide this, weighing all the pros and cons.

Wedding bag advantages:

  • This is an interesting addition to the outfit.
  • Such an accessory can be a highlight of the image.
  • In the handbag of the bride will be able to put everything you need: a mirror, makeup, a passport, and so on. Of course, all this can be given away, for example, to a mother or a witness, but the bag will always be at hand.


  • Handbag will have to carry around with you, which is not very convenient.
  • Immersed in the wedding efforts, the bride can somewhere forget the accessory.
  • In some cases, the handbag may be superfluous in the image.

How to make a choice?

How to choose a purse for the bride? Many people underestimate this accessory and approach its choice lightly, but in vain.You can achieve perfection only if you take into account all the important points.


Options for styles:

  • Handbag in the style of "Pompadour". She appeared a long time ago (almost one of the first ladies' handbags) and looks like a cute little bag, drawn in with ties. Such an accessory looks very cute, but since it does not have a frame, some large objects can stand out in it. This model will be in perfect harmony with a luxurious ball gown dress.
  • Frame handbag unusual shape. It can be made in the form of a ball or, for example, a heart. Since this accessory itself is original and bright, it is best to combine it with dresses of simple styles, otherwise the image will seem overloaded and too variegated.
  • A purse-purse is small, so you can put in it only everything you need and a small one. This option will suit the bride, who chose a stylish and bright dress of unusual style or unusual length.
  • A beautiful wedding purse-bag is similar to a wallet, but has a more oblong shape. This model is more spacious and comfortable for the bride, since it can be placed on the shoulder (if there is a strap).Ridikyll will emphasize the elegance and femininity of an A-line dress or a fitted tailor, as well as in the Greek style. In addition, this model is perfectly combined with the models "mermaid" and "fish."
  • A clutch is not the most convenient option for a wedding, as the bride will always have one hand occupied. But this model looks very feminine. Best of all, it will be combined with short, concise and fitted dresses, as well as models of "fish" and "mermaid."
  • The envelope bag looks strictly and at the same time stylish. This option will be optimal if the bride has chosen a simple dress or, for example, a costume. By the way, this model is very roomy. But, like the clutch, it is not very convenient.


Since the handbag is a complement to the dress, then it must certainly be combined with the dress. A little about this was written above, but there are several more important rules:

  1. The brighter dress the bride has chosen, the more discreet and simple the handbag should be.
  2. If the dress is laconic and elegant, then the handbag can be a certain highlight of the image. You can choose an original and interesting model.
  3. The handbag should match the dress in style.

The size

Size matters, that's a fact. But how to define it? First of all, it should be borne in mind that the wedding handbag is designed more to complement the image, and not to store things. So you don’t have to choose large models, give preference to a more miniature one. But still, a too-small handbag will be completely useless, because absolutely nothing will fit in it (then why would the bride, in general, take her with herself?). It is advisable to find a middle ground.


It is advisable to choose a handbag that fully matches the color of the dress. But if you want this accessory to stand out, then choose a model that will match the shade of accessories, for example, the belt of a dress or the wedding bouquet of the bride. It is better to refuse bright tones, they draw attention.


In the photo you can see that the bags are made from a variety of materials. The fabric may fully match the fabric of the dress or be different from it and slightly shade it. So, if the dress is made of thick fabric, then you can choose a lace handbag. If the outfit is made of lightweight fabric, the accessory may be more strict, sewn from dense material.

How to do?

A simple and cute handbag can be made with your own hands. To do this, prepare fabric, scissors, thread and needle, sewing machine, braid or thin ribbon, as well as lace and beads for decoration.


  1. Draw on the fabric and cut a circle with a diameter of 20-25 centimeters. Measure the length of the circle.
  2. Draw a rectangle on the fabric with a length equal to the circumference plus two centimeters and a width of about 30 centimeters.
  3. Connect the edges of the rectangle to the width of the front side, sew them. It turned out a certain sleeve.
  4. Cut a strip of fabric with a length equal to the length of a rectangle, and a width of 2-3 centimeters.
  5. Stepping back from the edge of the "sleeve" 4-5 centimeters, sew a strip of fabric from the inside. Insert a piece of tape or tape about 50 centimeters long into it, sew the edges.
  6. Sew the finished upper part of the bag to the round bottom (front sides).
  7. The edge can be sheathed with lace.
  8. Decorate the accessory with beads.

Choose the perfect purse and shine at the wedding!

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