Dream Interpretation: Balloons in a dream

In real life, balloons are always associated with holidays and fun, but what should you expect if they dreamed about in a dream? Things filled with air are always a sign of emptiness - empty dreams, words, promises. Inflate - deceive. Balloons in a dream mark the collapse of hope, events that will lead to misfortune. Things at work will not go as you would like, expect trouble. To see a balloon in a dream is a waste of life, you are doing unnecessary things, you are wasting your time. In the meantime, the most important thing passes by. Your hopes and dreams will not bring the expected happiness. You need to revise your plans for life, it's not too late to change everything.

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What dreams of dream balloons
What dreams of dream balloons

Balloon Fly

Rising into the air on a balloon or other transport is a sign that you will move up the career ladder. Soon your deepest desires will come true, success awaits on the love front. If the balloon is filled with hot air, then in the near future, your financial situation will be strengthened, expect additional profits, a large income from investments.

Even if it is not you who rise on it, but someone else, to see such a dream is to luck in money matters. But there is a negative interpretation of this vision - the planned trip will be unsuccessful, it must be postponed until more prosperous times.

Inflate balls

Seeing balloons flying in the sky is a collapse of hopes, unrealizable dreams. Hold them in your hands - you have a friend who talks a lot, gossips, do not trust him with your secrets. If you dreamed that someone was inflating the balls, there will be interpretations of their own.

  • Balloons: dream book, inflate children - to relax about the work does not work, you are waiting for trouble and anxiety.

  • Himself inflating balls - self-sufficiency, the dreamer will succeed without help. You yourself set goals and go to them on the right path.

  • Balloons in a dream may indicate a disease associated with the respiratory tract. Pay attention to the work, the state of the lungs.

Balloons: dream book - a warning, do not be too trusting. If you have new friends - look at them carefully, they may disappoint. Think over your business or personal proposals, do not rush to make a decision.The result of these deals most likely does not meet your expectations. You should not now plan a grand event - it will be unsuccessful, it can break, burst, efforts will be wasted.

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