Dreamed how you cut in a dream

Dreams, in which the sleeper cuts something, not only symbolizes internal feelings, but also warns about relationships with family, at work and in a society of friends. In some dream books, to cut is to deprive yourself of something or lose loved ones.

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Why dream of cutting in a dream, dream book
Why dream of cutting in a dream, dream book

The dream of psychologist Miller

Dream interpretation interprets the vision depending on what cuts the sleeper.

  • bird - you need to prepare for trouble, poverty. You will no longer be respected, they will not begin to respond flatteringly, and your presence with others will only cause irritation;

  • meat - a warning about the wrong, unsuccessful investment of money, therefore, after seeing such a dream, you need to try to correct the situation.

Esoteric dream book

Seeing yourself or cutting someone is a danger warning. Be careful in transport, in society, at work and with household appliances. Sleep predictions may depend on what you cut:

  • Knife - car accident, man-made disaster, explosion, flood;

  • used scissors - betrayal is waiting for you;

  • a razor - you are not confident in yourself and this makes it difficult to achieve your goal;

  • typewriter - trouble in the house.

If you cut, then most likely the danger will affect you.

Ukrainian dream book

When the sleeper sees that something is cut off, it is time for loss. Such a dream warns that important, close people may leave your life, and property loss may occur.

ABC of interpretation

  • cut paper or cloth - discard anything;

  • beard, hair, mustache - you are experiencing infringement and harassment at work;

  • vegetables - someone needs your help.

Dream interpretation denise lynn

Cut in a dream - you can not get rid of the past, you are kept by events and people who have long been necessary to let go of themselves. If blood cuts from a cut, you are afraid of losing a loved one.

Dream and Dmitri and Hope of Winter

Cutting something in a dream means disputes, disagreements, unwillingness to agree with the opposite side. Remember what you cut:

  • vegetables - disputes will be in the house and family;

  • Cloth - misunderstanding will arise when solving current affairs;

  • meat or fish - professional disputes that may not be in your favor;

  • bow - you can not cope with competitors;

  • bread - to poverty and economy;

  • apples - to be separated from loved ones;

  • cabbage - will have to spend a large amount of money to the debts;

  • paper - all conceived succeed, you will come to the goal;

  • metal - you need to get rid of excessive aggressiveness.

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