Dress for the doll

Probably, every girl, being still a child, played with dolls, in particular, with daughters-mothers. What is most interesting, these dolls were not from ordinary families, and they were in the role of queens and princesses, they lived beautifully and beautifully, and most importantly - they wore luxurious fluffy dresses. And many girls imagined that the princesses and princess puppet were them. Years went by, but the fashion for lush dresses practically faded into oblivion and now these kinds of dresses can actually be seen either on dolls, or at weddings on brides or graduation parties. Thanks to my goddaughter, I decided to remember myself in her years. Therefore, if you have a wonderful daughter, a goddaughter, a little sister or just you want to make it nice for a girl - to sew dresses for dolls. And so, in order to create a gorgeous dress that was fashionable in time balls and duels we will need the following tools and materials: - a doll (on which this dress will be sewed); - fabric (I chose the header since it is now in the trend)sizes depend on the doll you choose; - buttons 2 - 3; - threads with a needle (to match the material for the dress); - scissors; - centimeter; - satin ribbon.
tools and materials
And so, if you have not yet decided what detail your dress will be in, try painting it on a piece of paper.
to draw it a piece of paper
At first we will m sew up the dress, which means we need to measure the length of the back from the shoulder to the waist and chest girth. And cut off this top layer.
 cut off this top layer
To prevent the fabric from being spilled, cut it with a match or a lighter and thread with a needle, namely, sew the edges with a regular stitch.
 suture the edges with a regular stitch
, hem the edges with the usual ezhkom
Next we'll Do the holes for the hands. And then we process it again manually or with machine stitching, if you have such an opportunity, these holes for hands. Now we need to make a full skirt.I decided to make a skirt of average pomp and therefore (taking into account the size of my doll) I needed half a meter of material for our magnificent skirt.
 make a full skirt
First process the bottom skirts. We process stitches in manual or with the help of a sewing machine. As for the top of the skirt, we are bending the centimeter with you (it would be nice to process this up in the overlock technique) and do stitches of this type so that we can add a skirt, sometimes this stitch is called the “effect of the assembled curtains.” >
process the bottom of the skirt
 work on the bottom of the skirt
Having made half such a seam" the effect of the collected curtains ", measure this out a skirt on your doll, or rather on her waist, in order to know for sure how hard or not you need to collect this skirt.
 dress for a doll
When you made skirt, or rather the main seam of this skirt, then sew the edges, but not to the end! Leave a place for buttons. After all, clothes should be changed, and not sewed like that,so that your doll was only in one outfit.
 dress for a doll
Now it's up to you. We add a bow. For this we need a satin ribbon. Take your ribbon and tie a neat bow at the waist of the doll. Can be ahead, or can be behind, depends on your desire.  dress for a doll
And so, your doll in a magnificent dress is ready! Congratulations! Now you can be safely given the title of dress cutter for a doll. Hasten to please your crumbs.

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