Keychain with embroidery "MonstersInc."

Monster Corp. Embroidery Keychainare wonderful keychains with monsters.

Materials and tools:

  1. floss thread according to the key;
  2. pale blue canvas, 20x20 cm per design;
  3. felt, 12x12 cm per design;
  4. loop of tape or felt;
  5. key ring;
  6. stuffing.


Step 1

Draw the seam line on the inside of the embroidery using the pattern of the selected monster. Try to keep the line smooth, otherwise it will be difficult to stitch it neatly.

Cut the embroidery and the felt detail, leaving a margin of 1 cm from the drawn seam line. Sew them on the machine, leaving a hole for turning. Turn the product over the face.

If the correct shape you can give the keychain is not immediately. Tightly fill it with gasket and sew a hole with a secret stitch. Secure the key ring in a loop of tape.

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