Engraved Area

Here is such a beautiful, and most importantly simple mousepad for a computer mouse can do everyone. You can't buy that in a store! The picture can be any, the color of the backlight too. The whole homemade work is made of all available materials by hand.
We need plexiglass (you can find it in construction stores), and drill or something like that I had a very old homemade machine. Also a sketch on which we will draw.   
Asasketch,thedrawingsforthetattooaregreat.ThenprepareWetakethesizeandputtheglassonthepicture.Engrave.Weendupwith:ThenwesetoneormoreLEDsontheglue,forthispurpose,drillaholeinoneoftheendsoftheglassandinstallalight-emittingdiode,ifitisround,thenforalargerdissection Uritnocutdownthelens,Itookabrightonefromacomputermouse.Andthat'swhathappened.Inthedark.Andbythelight,Ithinktheapplicationof  will tell you your imagination, for example, I installed it on a computer case.

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