Erotic prostate massage.

Erotic prostate massage.

Erotic prostate massage.

Erotic prostate massage.



Before you begin the story about the technology of erotic massage of the prostate, of course, you should explain how it differs from the medical one, which is produced by andrologists in case of diseases of this important male organ.

You should not compare the gentle stimulating touch of female fingers to a healthy excited prostate with a painful and unpleasant manual therapy carried out on her in an inflamed state.

You should not be afraid of such a procedure at home - the more so the partner will probably want to give you maximum pleasure.


How to do an erotic prostate massage.



How to do an erotic prostate massage. This is a difficult question. Of course, many men condemn and decry this technique in sexual use. Anal sex for each “alpha male” is a purely active phenomenon, and no “real man” will simply tolerate any manipulations with his anus.However, is it worth refusing such a pleasure, based on the prejudices put by the public?

Especially, if the level of trust between you and your partner is maximum, and you are sure that the knowledge about such episodes of your intimate life will not go beyond the limits of your bedroom? Believe me, erotic prostate massage will increase the sensitivity of your penis, give your sexual intercourse new colors and frank sensuality. Coupled with the caresses of the penis, such a massage can give a truly amazing effect.

Now turn to the girls. How to make an erotic prostate massage, without giving the partner his intentions?

  1. Start very gradually, with the stroking of your man's buttocks.
  2. Occasionally dive your fingers into the hollow between them, gradually approaching the anus.
  3. Dampen a finger with saliva and properly lubricate the anus with it: it will be much more sensitive to your caresses.
  4. If you combine such manipulations with manual or oral stimulation of a member, your partner will be in the seventh heaven.
  5. Gradually, thoroughly brushing the anus ring, insert one finger and look for a solid base at the bottom, similar in shape and size to a thimble.
  6. Slightly pushing on him and starting to stroke, you deliver to your partner maximum pleasure.The main thing is not to press too hard: it can cause severe pain, which will kill any excitement.





If you want to diversify your intimate life with your partner, you can invite him to use the strapon - an artificial limb, fastened with a belt to the groin. This will help massage the prostate, translate it to a new level, like your relationship, which will penetrate true trust, the maximum that can occur between a man and a woman. Of course, in advance take care of the presence of lubricant and do not show too much ardor: too frequent anal sex can be harmful to health.

And what should a woman do if her partner refuses erotic prostate massage and does not even want to think about this topic? You can simply agree with him - he knows better what to allow and what does not. And you can go to the trick. If during a blowjob lightly touch with your fingers and start stroking the tender skin around his anus - he surely will like it.

Direct prostate massage is optional - feel for the seal between the anus and the testicles - this is the prostate. Slightly pressing on this area with your fingers, you also give your partner the pleasure, he wants to or not.


The main thing, remember: erotic prostate massage - the phenomenon is not at all obligatory and the knowledge of such pleasant places for men should not be erected in the absolute. It is possible that if you try to do this with your partner, all his pleasure will be filled with uncertainty and a slight shock from what is happening. So do not pressure your partner if he does not accept this practice, and if he agrees to try it - do everything as gently and gently as possible.

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