Evan MacGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead first appeared together

A couple of months ago, Evan McGregor gathered with a spirit and left his wife - 51-year-old Frenchwoman Yves Mavrakis, with whom he lived for 22 years and brought up four children. The reason for such cardinal changes was, as is often the case, a new love: on the set of the Fargo series, where he played two brothers, Ray and Emmit Stassi, Evan met 33-year-old actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead, whom we remember in the film Scott Pilgrim against all. " And gone! An exemplary paparazzi family man was found kissing with his colleague in October, and the news of the novel of the actors produced the effect of a bomb exploding. However, McGregor was not afraid of public discontent and at the Critics' Choice Awards ceremony held in Santa Monica, he came with Mary Elizabeth.

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