Excellent recipes for lenten dishes from squid

Fasting is a Christian tradition that our ancestors adhered to and which we continue to abide by. During fasting, the soul and the body are cleansed: the soul through prayers, the body through the rejection of certain products. Thus, during fasting, one should not eat meat and offal, dairy products, eggs, alcohol. You can eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes and fish with seafood. Fish and seafood are allowed to be eaten only on certain days of the week - on Saturday and Sunday.

Squids in the post

Shrimps, mussels, squids belong to seafood. That's just about the squid in the post today and I would like to talk, because of them, every housewife will be able to cook a lot of delicious dishes.

Squids can be consumed marinated, boiled or fried, in salads or as a separate dish. Squids are rich in proteins, so they are very useful for the body and bones of a person during fasting and not only.

Grilled squids will be an excellent addition to any side dish and vegetables.Here is a recipe for fried squid, which will become a delicious highlight of any dinner. This dish is best served on a table with rice and fresh cucumbers.

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