Fans suddenly met Eva Green in a supermarket near Moscow

A miracle of miracles happened recently in the village of Raiki: locals discovered in a small grocery store ... Eva Green, who was asking about wines and pickled cucumbers as if nothing had happened. The actress immediately poured numerous requests to make a joint selfie, and Eve, despite her fatigue, did not refuse any of her fans. But what, you ask, did she even do there?

As it turned out, Eva is now being filmed in the Proxima film by French director Alice Vinokur, and partly filming takes place in the city of Star Moscow Region. Green plays an astronaut who is preparing to fly to the International Space Station, and one of the scenes of the film was filmed at a local supermarket, so the image of Eva - in sportswear, cap, sneakers - is a merit of costume designers and make-up artists. After the working day ended, the 37-year-old James Bond star decided to stay a little longer in the store, where she was met by happy fans.The pictures with Eva have already filled the Network, and she herself recently uploaded a video on which she rides a star on a bicycle together with the director of the film Alice Winokur.

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