Fashionable winter boots of the 2013-2014 season

If you decide that it is time to look at your winter shoes already, then it will be difficult for you to do without the knowledge of popular new products of the coming season. The fact that winter is a cold and dark season does not mean that you need to look dull and monotonous.

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Even in such a rainy period, you can remain elegant and elegant, but there is no need to freeze and complain about uncomfortable shoes. In the coming winter season, designers have tried to achieve the maximum effect of comfort and ergonomics, but at the same time, the new items are notable for a considerable extravagance and elegance.

Fashionable winter boots of 2013-2014 will not be able to leave indifferent more than one representative of the fair sex, because the variety of models is simply amazing, even the most fastidious customer will be able to choose an option to taste.

By the way, this season fashion designers decided to avoid the inconvenience of high heels, so practically in all models of the upcoming season there is a heel of a stable shape, but its height can vary from only a few to 10-15 centimeters.

This fact should rejoice the city residents, because in ice and inclement weather it is very difficult to get to the other end of the city on a high hairpin.

So, what awaits us in the winter of 2013-2014?

Fashion above the knees

First of all, you can congratulate lovers of high boots and boots, that's where there will be expanses for shopping. All fashion podiums and fashion magazines are literally overflowing with models of such boots, they can have the most different lengths - from the middle of the calf to the mid-thigh. Both free and tight-fitting models are in fashion, but, of course, models in the form of stockings remain at the peak of popularity.

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Such models demonstrate a special luxury, sense of style and elegance of its owner. Best of all, these boots are combined with leggings, narrow jeans or dresses just above the knee.

As for the heel, there is a trend, both a flat sole and a low, steady heel. By the way, but with the decorations this season, you need to be careful, modest style in fashion, so there should be a minimum of accessories on shoes and, preferably, from one area, for example, only rivets or only buckles.

And the undeniable novelty of this season were army-style boots, their distinctive feature was the absence of any frills and jewelry.The boot has a hard and wide tops, can be supplemented only with a flat sole or a steady high heel.

stylish boots

By the way, the last option looks great, because at the expense of his style, he visually pulls the legs and slims the silhouette. Such models are easily combined with jackets, down jackets and fashionable sheepskin coats, but best of all they will look from a coat to the knees with a straight cut.


What other boots will be fashionable this winter? Already, that season does not leave the podiums very characteristic color - snake skin. Someone such color may seem trivial, they say, there have been, we know, but this trend does not plan to give up their positions.

Just recently, the fashion house Gucci, known to everyone, presented a whole collection of knee-length boots that had the most diverse snake color: black, burgundy, pink and even orange!

boots with snake besides photos

The composition was complemented by a steady wedge-shaped heel or a small platform. Such shoes can give your image a piquancy and just will not leave its owner without attention.

Back to the past

Retro style very few people can leave indifferent, this special charm of the seventies, as it is impossible, by the way, influenced some models of the upcoming season.

The undoubted favorite was fashionable boots, which have a stiff boot toe, a high, but heavy and steady heel, as well as a characteristic feature of that time - a slightly rounded toe. These boots are perfectly combined with coats and jackets, it is best to wear them with leggings and tights, which are worn under the dress length to the knees.

stylish winter boots photo

But this variety of models of women's winter boots, of course, does not end there. Not quite appropriate, however, very unusual boots, which are a regular boat shoe, and, starting from the heel, a long piece of leather is sewn, which resembles leggings or stockings, more and more attract with their design foreign women. The ensemble is complemented by a high heel or stiletto. However, no matter how sorry, but such models are hardly suitable for our winter climatic conditions.

What about uggs?

These lovely, kind, warm and comfortable boots are so difficult to ignore, direct evidence - even few, celebrities were able to resist the temptation to get a couple of such comfortable winter “helpers”.

winter uggs photo

If you think so, then the universal adoration of such shoes began a long time ago, but it is absolutely not going to subside. In this season, especially popular are the ugi with the exterior trimmed with fur, deliberately long and, even sloppy, as well as their leather counterparts with a smooth surface. As for the color component, then every girl has the right to decide for herself which one is more suitable in this case, there are no restrictions.

And, although many people think that ugg boots are cumbersome and awkward shoes, even in them one can remain refined and elegant. For this, it is enough to combine them, for example, with a nice dress or an elongated sweater, and wear leggings or pantyhose with a printed pattern on their feet.

Colors, styles and decoration of winter boots

The favorite and the indispensable leader are the products made of genuine leather, which is not surprising, because only the skin can provide proper comfort, as well as provide the basic functions of winter shoes: ergonomics and durability.

unusual winter boots photo

At the peak of popularity there are matte leather specimens, however, structured as well as textured leather, models from the skin of reptiles begin to gain considerable popularity.Another trend is a combination of several different textures and materials, such as leather and suede, velor and velvet, and so on.

The next one on the leaderboard is, of course, fur, and it can be used of the most varied length and height of the pile, what is most interesting, all this can be combined in one model. As for the color component, this season the novelty is the color of dark wine, and the classic winter gamma remains in trend: black, brown, beige and burgundy.

steady heel in fashion photo

As we have said, with regard to the decor, there is limited and minimalism. The decoration uses buckles, lacing and small buttons, decorative zippers and rivets are especially loved.

These are the novelties of the winter season 2013-2014, we should expect. And now, having replenished your luggage with knowledge of popular women's shoes, you can safely go shopping. Happy hunting, dear ladies!

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