Features of the Berlin diet

Excess weight is precisely the problem of modern humanity, which forces scientists and nutritionists from all over the world to develop dozens of theories and special nutrition diets every day that will make it possible to get rid of all disturbing folds without much difficulty.

There are thousands of theories, but there are very few really effective diets, which one to choose is a big question for all those who have already faced this problem more than once.

The lifestyle of a modern person automatically leads him to gaining extra weight: sedentary work, moving by car or public transport, and, of course, his favorite rest in front of the TV screen with a tasty sandwich almost every evening. Familiar?

According to experts, it is the absence of the required level of activity, and already at the secondary level - the unwillingness to restrict oneself in food leads to the zero result of most existing diets.

Hard frames and a sharp reduction in calorie intake, sooner or later, lead to breakdowns and a re-gaining of extra kilograms, sometimes the weight does not just return, but takes additional volumes with it.And what should I do? The answer to the question was found by German scientists who have developed a special diet for those who strongly love to eat, but at the same time moves very little.

Over time, this method was called the Berlin diet, the main plus of which is this: in order to effectively lose weight, it is very important that the energy expenditure of your body exceeds the number of calories consumed.

Main positions

You say, is it easy, when during the day you have to sit a lot, and time for the gym is not enough? Of course, it’s ideal if you still find time to train on simulators, or at least two or three workouts per week in the fitness room.

Even doing the exercises at home will give results, although for this you will still have to apply a certain level of effort. However, the creators of the Berlin diet claim the opposite: in order to lose weight, it is not necessary to exercise, it is enough to strictly monitor the number of incoming and spent calories per day.

All this is done by strictly controlling and calculating the correct diet, however, in practice, everything is not so difficult.In spite of all the rigor of theoretical assumptions, this diet is quite sparing and is great for almost any average person on our planet between the ages of 20 and 60, which again is her undoubted advantage.

On average, the number of calories per day a person can afford with an average level of activity is 1600 calories, as you see, it can hardly be called harsh. Yes, and in what diet can you still find bread with butter or light pastries with an apple? And here it is real.

There are several basic rules of the Berlin diet:

  • First, there must not be prohibited products in your refrigerator.
  • secondly, the last meal should be carried out 3-4 hours before bedtime, but if a wild feeling of hunger begins to prevail at that time, then you can afford one apple or a glass of kefir that will allow you to live until morning.

All meals should be small and uniform, preferably in the daily diet were boiled eggs, bran bread, fresh vegetables and fruits, boiled potatoes, beef and chicken, as well as tea and dairy products.A more precise menu can always be found on the Internet or compose it with a nutritionist.

Results and opinions

In fact, the Berlin diet is difficult to consider as such, rather, it is a set of rules and principles of healthy eating, adhering to which a person will surely bring his body into a better form. Usually it lasts no more than 10 days, after which a breathing space of at least 1 month is given, after which it can be repeated again.

Perhaps the only drawback of such a diet is its gradualness, especially for those who need to put themselves in order in a very short time. Such a diet, rather, is suitable for those people who have small problems with excess weight, for the rest of its effectiveness may seem too low.

However, there is a huge number of adherents of such a diet, because nutrition with its help does not harm the body and, nevertheless, helps people change for the better.

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