Features of the Neva Masquerade Cat Cultivation

A purring furry lump brought into the house always delivers incredible joy and pleasure to its owners. It is said that cats are very special animals that have a connection with the world of witchcraft, and their incredible ability to cure various ailments have already been confirmed many times by many people. If you want to have a friendly, affectionate and very intelligent friend, pay attention to the Neva Masquerade - the pride of Russia. Her manners and character combine grace and nobility.

Main characteristics

These cats got their name thanks to a peculiar mask on the face, which is their peculiarity. The breed of such pets is quite large, and an adult individual can weigh in the range of 5-6 kg, if it is a cat, and 8-9 kg, if the cat. The most common color - seal point, presented in the photo, combining a white tint with particles of darker tones on the muzzle, legs, tail and ears.

The wool of this representative is absolutely hypoallergenic, which means that even people who are prone to allergic reactions can afford to get such a pet without harm to health. In addition, it is waterproof, and you can easily wash an animal that will not escape and scream. Another plus is that you don’t need to brush it regularly, as the wool doesn’t get tangled.

Growing Neva Masquerade will not be difficult. They have quite good health and high life expectancy, and also know about their attractiveness, and will definitely show it to all your guests, fluffing up the tail and gracefully defiling past.

Devotion and love above all

If we talk about the nature of this breed, then we can not be afraid of attacks from around the corner and massacre with sharp claws. Such pets are very affectionate and faithful. In the first place for them - communication with the owner, but also alone will not be too bored. Masquerade will not try to get into your hands at any suitable moment, such cats feel fine mood, and will not bother the owner when he is tired or not in the mood for games and communication.

Big cats, like little kittens, are very mobile and playful. They are not vindictive and will not be nurturing a retaliatory plan, even if you punished them for pampering. Such pets feel resentment easily, they will simply defiantly turn away and walk away from you, quietly waiting for the moment when you will stop being angry and be ready to play again.

Another interesting feature of the masquerade cat is the memorization of names. They not only clearly remember their name, but also the names of all members of the family. Sometimes they do not respond to the usual “kitty, kitty,” but they will gladly come running when they hear their nickname. Such animals get along well with children, trying to care for them like their kittens.

They will not scratch, even if the child, playing around, squeezes too much or tries to lift the animal by the tail. The pet will just try to slip out, run away and hide in a secluded place. If the child begins to cry, the cat will surely come to console him by climbing on his hands and purring, and it happens that he will go to “call for help” of his elders. Excellent get along with the Neva Masquerade and with other animals, such as dogs, parrots and even rats.

But apart from all the positive qualities worth mentioning too stubborn, with which you will sometimes have to put up, or to demonstrate their superiority.So your furry friend will understand what is allowed and what is not.

Conditions of detention

In view of their unpretentiousness, these pets will not cause you any problems. Caring for them involves a set of basic things: a tray with a filler, bowls for food and water, a place where you can sharpen claws, toys, a comb and means for washing.

Twice a week Neva Masquerade needs to be combed, and three times a month to bathe.

Small kittens must also be vaccinated and shown to the veterinarian in a timely manner in order to avoid illness and other health problems.

Proper nutrition

You do not have to look for overseas products, representatives of this breed agree to almost any food offered. Kittens should be fed 4-5 times a day, not forgetting about dairy products, and adults should be fed twice a day. Pork is undesirable due to poor digestibility of complex fat, all other types of meat remain suitable.

The main indicator of proper nutrition of your pet is its wool. If the animal loses vitamins and nutrients, it will become dull and begin to actively climb.Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that your pet gets the necessary amount of vitamin B, calcium and fiber.

Neva Masquerade cats have impeccable character and chic appearance, for which they are loved in many families. If you need a pleasant, kind and gentle chetyrelapy fluffy friend, stop your choice on this breed, you will not regret.

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