Feeding the females

Feeding the femalesVitamin A that has accumulated in the body during the period of abundant feeding can be used in the process of lactation to maintain the level of vitamin A in milk.


A lack of vitamin A in the body of a lactating bitch causes various diseases in the bitch, retards the growth and development of puppies. It is important to control that the bitch rations in the puppy and suckling periods are fully balanced according to this indicator. In 1 liter of milk should contain approximately 1750-2000 IE of vitamin A.


The diet of feeding bitches during lactation bitches also need increased doses of vitamin D, since the normal course of mineral metabolism depends on its content in the diet.


Feeding the females - in the absence of this vitamin in the diet and insufficient walking in the blood of females, the calcium and inorganic phosphorus content decreases, especially before whelping; appetite, adversely affects the growth and development of offspring.The content of vitamin D in milk mainly depends on the degree of sun exposure of the bitches and, to a lesser extent, on its consumption with food.


Despite the fact that the composition of milk of lactating bitches is largely determined by the breed, the hereditary qualities of individuals, good nutrition in all cases improves the quality of colostrum and milk, and its use in the suckling period contributes to good growth and development of the young.

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