Felting (Felting)


Key on the bag - a spotted cat made of wool

Keychain on the bag - spotted cat made of wool

The sweetest creation - cats. The grace of their gait, tenderness, soft fur, playfulness encourage people to write poems about them, capture them in paintings, and make various crafts. And today we will be engaged in making a cat of wool by dry

Wool brooch

Who does not like dogs? These curious cute creatures leave few people indifferent. They bribe their simplicity and dedication. Puppy in the house is always a joy. Each owner seeks to perpetuate the image of his pet in a photo or video. However,
How to knit mittens
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How to knit mittens

For needlewomen in our time there is everything to realize their creative potential. Materials, thread, yarn, fiber and a huge amount of accessories. If there is no knowledge and experience, then detailed instructions, master classes will help you. This article will be
Goat March

Martha the Goat

Such a goat will be happy to play a child, and adults will admire and admire the craft. In order to make this toy, we need: wool for felting gray, white, dark gray, a little pink flowers (if there are no such
Merry Christmas tree

Merry Christmas Tree

The favorite New Year and Christmas holidays come nearer, and to raise the New Year's mood I suggest you make a merry Christmas tree that can decorate the interior of your house or become a pleasant gift for friends and family. After all, it


To Santa Claus to alleviate the New Year troubles I suggest to make him a cheerful snowman's assistant! After all, they together will be much more fun to deliver greetings and deliver gifts. We'll make a snowman in the felting technique. For the manufacture of crafts
Gift to the daddy, a gift to my mother

A gift to dad, a gift to mom

I propose to make pretty gifts from yarn residues. We will not knit, no. We will do felting, in other words, felting. Needle needing for felting, but not simple, but with notches. A felting needle is able to compact fluffy fiber
The Christmas tree

Creative Christmas Tree

As you know, the main decoration in the house for the New Year holiday - the tree. Today I offer to make a creative Christmas tree - a green beauty from wool. To make this crafts will need special skills and tools.
Filled Snowman

Felted snowman

I suggest you make a funny snowman out of felted wool.This toy will be an original New Year gift for relatives, friends or acquaintances. Any feller who has even a little experience and is familiar with needles for
will cope with this work.


One of the most popular trends in the world of needlework lately, of course, is felting (or felting wool). And here there is nothing supernatural because things made of wool not only look beautiful, but also cozy.

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