Fitness blogger shared the secrets of ideal shots in Instagram

Actively play sports, count calories and ... are still extremely dissatisfied with your selfie, jealous of the “perfect” girls from Instagram? Meanwhile, how do you know that your role models just do not cover up the pimples, do not paint on the cubes and do not smooth out the wrinkles in Photoshop, before putting a picture that will collect thousands of likes ?! Turkish fitness blogger Imre Chechen courageously talks about the tricks that most successful Instаgram stars resort to in order to look perfect. Without fearing to scare her subscribers (and their number is close to 300 thousand), from time to time she takes unprofitable poses, uses different lighting, strains and puffs up her stomach and masterly uses Photoshop features. All in order to show: no one can look perfect 24 hours a day. Think about it the next time you upload another non-perfect Instagram photo.

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