Flesh-colored tights - bad tone or not?

And here on the street is no longer summer, it blows cool, and, therefore, the first colds. Changing from light summer T-shirts to warm jackets is not so simple: even in cold weather, you want to look bright and feminine, which means that skirts and dresses should not be far away.

Each season has its pros and cons, but it was with the onset of the off-season that the question arose, which had already managed to fill the teeth of teeth among many of the fair sex: how to wear body tights and should you pay attention to them at the stores?

For those who are still not up to date, let us know: for the past few years, popular bloggers and fashion gurus have always called body tights.

Criticism with respect to such, seemingly familiar and even native, bodily tights consists of the following: an ugly excessive gloss, which is especially noticeable in photographs, and a color that is rarely natural, and therefore they cannot cope with their original task of doing view that the legs are completely naked, even though it is not.

Some even consider such a detail of a woman’s wardrobe meaningless - as if they are, but why? After all, everyone already has legs, and why, using some tricks, try to imitate their natural color?

Maybe this makes some sense, but only it turned out that all these fashionable specialists live in such latitudes, where they can easily go with open legs, but our severe winters can be transferred without additional “help”, oh, not easy.

Now, when we figured out why it is impossible to wear flesh-colored tights, I would like to understand whether everything is exactly as the experts strictly say. By the way, turning to history, one can come to the conclusion: in the past century, and at the beginning of the current one, bodily nylon pantyhose did not cause such a heated discussion of the public.

They were worn by princesses and queens (Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth), many stars of show business and actors from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Our mothers and grandmothers generally considered such an accessory - indispensable, perhaps, remain in their opinion and still.

How to wear body tights?

  • Today, there is a large selection of "matte" tights - they, having a pleasant color, do not shine and are almost not noticeable on the legs, which immediately deprives them of their main problem.You can choose thin models (10-15 den), which also almost completely merge with the skin.
  • It is important to choose the right color: it is considered bad form if your legs in pantyhose look a few tones more tanned than the rest of your body - your arms, neck and face. Pick up the shade as close as possible to the natural tone of the legs, be sure to evaluate your finished image in a full-growth mirror. If the natural color gives out only the pallor of the face, this can be corrected with a good foundation.
  • Body tights can not be combined with open shoes - sandals or shoes with an open toe remain prohibited. But closed shoes, boots and ankle boots - easily, with it, of any color and shade.
  • As to expediency, in our latitudes it is quite justified. Even thin pantyhose in a cool morning is better than completely bare legs. In addition, there are situations and events where etiquette does not allow to appear with open legs, for example, the office of a large company, ceremonial receptions and meetings, and so on. Black tights, colored or with a pattern - not always the best option for the off-season costumes, therefore, to say that bodily tights are a relic of the past, at least, silly.Combine your outfits with the mind and then you can always feel as confident as possible.
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