Folk recipes masks for hair with honey

Hair mask from honey with onions

This mask will help accelerate hair growth. It is done very simply: honey and grated onions are mixed in equal amounts. The resulting mass is well mixed and applied to the hair roots. Rub the mask must be massage movements. Then wrap the head with plastic wrap and cover towels. Keep the mask should be 1 hour.

Honey and Clay Mask

To prepare the mask will need 2-3 tbsp. l clay (you can use any, but if the hair color is light, it is better to use white clay), 1 tbsp. l honey, 1 egg, a glass of kefir or other fermented milk product. Clay is added to kefir, mixed well. Then add the egg and honey and mix well again. The mask is applied to slightly damp hair, then wrapped in plastic and covered with a warm towel or cap. Keep the mask to at least 1 hour.

Hair mask with honey and egg

This is the easiest to prepare mask, and its effect is simply amazing. Hair becomes smooth, shiny and no longer split. For cooking you will need to mix 1-2 eggs with 1-2 tbsp. l honey To mask was not very thick, you can add a little kefir or milk. If at home there is aloe juice, then you can add a few drops in the mask. Mix the whole mixture well; it should not be too thick. Apply mask on the entire length of the hair. Massaging your hands over the scalp activates the hair roots to get more nutrients. The mask lasts from 1 hour.

Firming hair mask with honey

A couple of drops of burdock oil is mixed with a small amount of honey and milk. The mask should look like gruel. Do not make it too thin or thick. The mask is valid not more than 2 hours. Apply to the entire length of the hair and closes with a warm towel.

Hair mask with honey and mustard to stimulate growth

For cooking you will need mustard, honey and kefir in equal quantities. Mask before use to mix well and apply on dry hair, massaging movements.First, the scalp is well processed, and only after that the mask remains applied over the entire length. Keep the mask for 1-2 hours. This mask will help not only to accelerate growth, but also give the hair softness and fluffiness.

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