Four cities where you can go to improve your health

Life in the metropolis is not the best way affects the body. Where to restore your body? Woman's day together with the specialists of the insurance company Intouch prepared a list of the best places.

Mineral Waters and surroundings

The name Mineralnye Vody speaks for itself: around this small town, one of the most famous Russian resorts, there are numerous healing springs and curative mud. Other settlements located nearby (Kislovodsk, Pyatigorsk, Yessentuki, Zheleznovodsk, etc.) are also great for therapeutic tourism. The history of this region as a resort is more than 200 years old - princes, noblemen and even members of the imperial family went back to Pushkin’s health here.

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The quality and quantity of balneological (speaking simpler, mineral-mud) resources is unique: the healing properties of natural riches Kavminvod are incredibly diverse.Hot hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, radon, nitrogen-methane - this is just a small list of medicinal waters that exist in this region. And at the bottom of Lake Tambukan alone there are about one and a half million tons of therapeutic mud!

People travel to the waters of the Caucasus to treat gynecological and skin diseases, diseases of the stomach and musculoskeletal system, urological and ENT diseases, vascular and heart diseases. At the same time, the cost of treatment in the Caucasus, compared with similar holiday destinations abroad, is very low and accessible to many, and the healing effect will give odds to a number of European spa resorts.


If you still decide to improve your health in Europe, we recommend you to pay attention to the city with the funny name Buk - one of the biggest thermal resorts in Hungary. Here are curative sources, with the help of which tourists treat numerous diseases of the most different directions. These include scoliosis, spinal injuries, tuberculosis, gynecological diseases, diseases of the urinary system, and much more.

It also undergoes rehabilitation after various injuries and operations, including neurosurgical.In the medical bath of the city there are several swimming pools for adults and children. In Bük’s sanatoriums, a complete medical examination can be done and, depending on the indications, undergo a course of treatment with mineral water - both externally and internally.

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Ein Bokek

Ein Bokek is an Israeli city right on the shores of the famous Dead Sea. This is a unique reservoir: the water in it is incredibly salty and enriched with a huge amount of minerals and other substances that are very beneficial to the skin. Dead Sea mud also has incredible healing and cosmetic properties: it stops inflammation of the skin, cleanses it of toxins, smoothes wrinkles, fights cellulite, improves metabolism and stimulates blood circulation.

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In Ein Bokek and other resorts of the Dead Sea travel not only with skin diseases, but also with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gynecological, urological and even congenital diseases, neuritis, during recovery after complex operations.

At the Dead Sea there is a large number of not only medical and resort facilities, but also clinics.Local medicine is known for its quality, and hospitals for its excellent technical equipment. In Israeli clinics go from all over the world, including from Russia, for the treatment of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Recently, foreign medicine has become available not only to well-to-do people, but also to Russians with moderate and even low incomes. For example, Intouch, together with the international medical association Best Doctors, offers insurance against deadly diseases (for example, cancer) with treatment in the best clinics in the world, including in Israel, and the cost of the basic policy is slightly more than 1000 rubles per month.

But back to the Dead Sea. Medical rest here is not only very useful for health, but also incredibly fascinating! In this reservoir, the truth can not be drowned, so even if you can not swim - it does not matter! You can lie on your back and calmly drift over the waves, and if the water gets tired, you can dip into the mud in the whole body. They are said to have a beneficial effect on mental health, as the body automatically recalls the times in the womb.


Rishikesh - the oldest city in India, located in the foothills of the Himalayas. For thousands of years, sages and ascetics have come here.Now Rishikesh is the world capital of yoga, and if Eastern health practices are close to you, then it is here recommended to go to improve health and breathe the freshest Himalayan air.

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Yoga tours with classes several times a day and meditation are organized in Rishikesh; here we study ancient techniques aimed at recovering from emotional and physical exertion. Also here you can purchase numerous natural Ayurvedic products made from herbs that have a beneficial effect on the body (in particular, on the skin).

If you are not interested in a ready-made yoga tour, then you can come to the city on your own and find a suitable place for medical practice on the spot. In Rishikesh, you can easily find a place for both group and individual yoga classes: masters from all over the world come here. In many yoga centers there are doctors who, with the slightest problem during class, will provide the necessary assistance.

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