Free call from computer to mobile phone

phnfrOften there are situations where it is urgently necessary to contact a person by phone, and the money in the account has ended in evil. And if earlier it was necessary to run in search of a terminal or a specialized store to replenish the balance, now it is enough to use the call service at the expense of the interlocutor. This convenient feature allows you to contact the subscriber at any time, provided that he agrees to accept the call. How to freely communicate and save money, read this article.

How to call free from your computer

There are many computer programs for making free calls from computer to computer. At the mention of them, the first thing that comes to mind is Skype. Well thought out service for free communication and exchange of media files, but the trouble is, calling for free on the phone from the computer will not work.Of course, many go for tricks and install the Skype application for smartphones or iPhones, but free audio or video communication is possible only with wireless Internet.

Free call

Skype allows you to call from computer to phone only if you deposit a certain amount to the account. This applies to calls within the country, and abroad. But there is a service offering absolutely free connection at any time of the day and regardless of the country in which the interviewee is located. The online service Calls. Online is an excellent alternative that can save personal funds, especially if your computer is always at hand.

Calls. Online is one of the most popular services in Russia and allows you to call from your computer to any phone completely free of charge. This is the only service that provides communication with cellular or landline phones on such favorable terms. The main advantage is that it is a browser service, available at any time of the day, if the computer is connected to the Internet. To call the phone, you do not need to install additional plug-ins or programs - it is enough to have a microphone, headphones or speakers.

Free call

To make a free call from computer to mobile, you do not even need to register - just go to the site and call! Perfectly fit any computer or laptop with minimal system characteristics, so the service can be used both at home and in an Internet cafe or away.

To make a free call, do the following:

  1. Connect to the Internet.
  2. Go to the site http: //xn--b1ajehof.xn--80asehdb/
  3. Enter the interlocutor's phone number in the appropriate field in the international format, using the prefix.
    Free call

The only drawback is that only 60 seconds are given for one call, so the service can only be used for transmitting short information.

How to make free calls from phone to phone

To make a free call from phone to phone, you can use the programs designed for this purpose - Viber or WhatsApp. When installing any of the programs on the phone, the automatic binding and synchronization with your address book in the device’s memory takes place, so you don’t need to add phones — everything has already been done and you can begin to communicate.

In terms of free voice communication, Viber is considered to be more convenient, since it can be used with any type of Internet connection.And although the developers strongly recommend for a perfect connection quality to use a 3G or WiFi connection, the program demonstrates excellent results even with EGPRS connection.

How to call from Vibera (example for a phone based on Android OS):

  1. Go to the Play Store and find the program by name.
    Free call
  2. Install Viber by clicking on the corresponding button.
    Free call
  3. Open the program and, following the prompts, make a free call.

Call at the expense of the interlocutor mts

mtsOne of the largest mobile operators provides an opportunity to make free calls to MTS at the expense of the called subscriber. This service is called “Bail out” and helps to communicate within the network at any time.

You can make a call in several ways:

  • using a combination of 0880 + subscriber’s phone (10-digit format);
  • by calling toll-free number 0880, and then dialing the phone of the person you need to contact.

When you perform one of these actions, the interlocutor will receive a call, and the automated program operator MTS will offer him to accept the call at his own expense. It should be borne in mind that the subscriber has the right to refuse the call if he considers it necessary (there are few funds in the account or for some other reason).In this case, you will receive an automated voice message stating that the called contact rejected the call.

The true purpose of the “Bail out” service is the availability of communication in the most adverse conditions, but some people prefer to use it for everyday calls, trying to save their own money in the account. So, if you constantly receive such calls at your expense, you can put a ban on this service.

How to prohibit the service "Help":

  • combination * 111 * 2158 # and call button;
  • Internet assistant in your account on the official website of the operator;
  • send an SMS message with the text 21580 (disable) or 2158 (connect) to 111.

How to call to a beeline at the expense of an interlocutor

The operator Beeline also provides the ability to make free calls to a mobile phone within the network. This service is free (prepaid) and does not require a separate connection.

How to call to Beeline from the subscriber:

  1. Dial the person's number in the following format: 05050 + the person's phone number without the digit 8, for example, 050509034215660.
  2. Wait for the connection. If the interlocutor agrees to take the call at his own expense, you will hear him, if not - you will be sent a voice message about the refusal.

It is important: to call at the expense of another person can be no more than 15 times a day.When roaming, this service is not available (only inside the home network).

How to call at the expense of the interlocutor tele2

t2Toll-free on Tele2 can be any subscriber within the home network. This service is called "Informer" and is not so much a call as sending a so-called beacon to an interlocutor. This "beacon" notifies the person that you are asking him to call you back.

Informer is a free service that does not require connection. It is activated automatically as soon as the funds on the subscriber’s account run out. To send a "beacon", type the following combination: * 118 * interlocutor phone # and call button.

How to call at the expense of the interlocutor on a megaphone

If you are a MegaFon subscriber, you can call for free even with a zero balance. To contact another subscriber at his expense, use the service "Call me back".

How to call at the expense of the interlocutor on the Megaphone:

  1. Dial your friend's phone in the following format: 000 + phone number (792xxxxxxxx) + call button. Type without brackets, spaces and "+" signs.
  2. Use the autoinformer by dialing the number 0550 and following the instructions of the robot operator.

In any case, sending such requests to friends and relatives should be prepared for the fact that they can reject the call for any reason. Therefore, most large mobile operators offer emergency refill or loan services, which are a worthy alternative in emergency situations.

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