New Year's garland of shiny cardboard

We make with our own hands a Christmas decoration that is familiar to many, namely,Christmas tree garland. The main feature of this garland is that it gets a volumetric (3D), shiny and stunning look on the New Year tree.

Materials and tools:

  1. colored shiny cardboard
  2. a special hole punch or pencil, compasses and scissors;
  3. sewing machine;
  4. Gold or silver thread.

Step 1

We take sheets of colored cardboard and, using a hole punch, make many circles. If there is no hole punch, we first draw circles on the sheets of cardboard, and then cut them out.

To get a 3D garland, add together 4 circles of the same color, you get 1 link of the garland. Repeating this step, we do the remaining links of the garland. You can experiment and add a link from the multi-colored circles.

Step 2

On the sewing machine stitched garland links in the middle of each other. Between the links we make passes, approximately 1-2 cm. We continue until the garland of the desired length is obtained.

Finally, fold the circles along the seam and unfold them.

All,Christmas garland made of cardboardis ready.

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