Geometric Design Kaleidoscope: Temari Master Class

Step 2: Roll a ball of yarn

Roll a ball of this size, which you need to make temari. You can use the cheapest yarn.

Tie a knot at the end of the thread.

Fix the knot, sewing it to the entire tangle with an ordinary thin thread.

Step 3: Cover the ball with a fine thread of the primary color.

You can fix the beginning of a thin thread behind a bundle that fixed the tangle. Wrap the ball once, then perpendicularly. Each new round needs to be done as far as possible from the previous one. As a result, you must cover the entire surface of the ball with a thin thread of the color that you chose as the main one. You need to reel tightly enough to make Temari turn out to be elastic. Aim for the perfect spherical shape.

After you get a nice, smooth ball with no gaps in color, cut the thread, leaving a rather long end. It needs to be refilled in the needle, which needs to make several stitches on the entire surface of the ball. Make sure the thread is securely fixed.

If you want to make the ball more saturated, use threads of two different colors at this stage. Every need to securely fix.

Step 4: Spread the pins

The most important thing in making temari is to align the geometry of lines well. Mark with pins where the multicolored threads intersect. You need to mark on the ball "poles" and place the pins at equal distance along the "equator".

To get started, stick one pin into the ball. The second must be placed exactly opposite on the other side. Now you need to place two pins at equal distance from two at the widest point of the ball. Now place each new pin between the previous two. You can choose different patterns, this one is not the only one possible. But if you are just learning how to make temari, start with it.

Step 5: Some recommendations on the manufacturing process

Take a thread of the same color and, without tying a knot, make a few stitches in the coil. You need to ensure that the thread is well fixed. After that, you need to wrap the thread along the intended lines. If you want a clearer color, make several skeins in one direction.You can make lines of different thickness, for example alternating thick and thin. At the intersection of the threads fasten them with stitches. So you drew on the ball peculiar meridians.

Step 6: Outline Drawing

Use the ball meridians as a base, interlacing the threads and securing them to stitches in the corners. You can build any picture you like.

Step 7: Add Colors

Repeat the pattern of the first pattern with the same other colors. You can make layers uneven and repeat the colors you want to add more.

Step 8: Fasten the Pattern

Some threads will be mixed during work. Therefore, completing the winding, fix the problem areas with small stitches. Sew the same thread that you want to fix.

Your temari is ready!

Here are some more inspiration patterns:

You can give your temari to children or friends. They can become excellent anti stress balls or just decorations. Add loops to the temari and you will have original unbreakable balls on the Christmas tree.

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