Gold and other jewelry as part of cosmetics

When Cleopatra covered her face with a mask of golden dust, she couldn’t imagine that many modern beauty brands would adopt her “trick”. Only, except for gold, now in the makeup you can see diamonds, rubies, pearls, silver ... What is it? Marketing ploy or really working must-have?


This precious metal not only looks good in jewelry, but also has miraculous powers that help in the pursuit of eternal youth and unfading beauty. Gold stimulates blood microcirculation, saturates the cells with oxygen, removes toxins and toxins. In addition, this precious metal has hypoallergenic and bactericidal properties, so cosmetics with it as part will not cause any irritation or side effects. As a rule, gold can be found in anti-aging, anti-aging serums - and 24-carat colloid is used.Penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin, it renews it at the cellular level, strengthens the intercellular connections and stimulates the production of elastin and collagen.

Gold and other jewelry as part of cosmetics

Cellular Radiance Radiance Collection, La Prairie Fluid for Faces with Gold Particles (27,000 Rubles);makeup base L’Or, Guerlain (4,750 rubles)rejuvenating mask "24 carats of gold", Natura Siberica (252 rubles)


Since the IV century BC. er Silver was considered a truly expensive metal and endowed with its healing properties. It was believed that it could not only heal from various diseases, but also protect from evil spirits ... The latter can be questioned, but here the therapeutic properties of silver are scientifically proven: having a pronounced bactericidal effect, it can destroy up to 6 thousand different bacteria and viruses . That is why it was adopted not only by the beauty giants, but also by manufacturers of medical cosmetics. So, metal is added to antibacterial shampoos, deodorants, ointments, masks, lotions, tonics and anti-acne serums. Silver ions fight with fungi, dermatitis, eczema, reduce inflammation and redness, relieve irritation, regulate the work of sweat glands and sebum secretion. If you have problem skin or there are traces of post-acne, then silver-based cosmetics will become a real salvation.

Gold and other jewelry as part of cosmetics

Soothing cream Neuro Sensitive Cellular Intensive Calming Cream, Doctor Babor (5 650 rub.)Tonic for Problem Skin, “Silver Institute” (720 rubles)Deodorant for all skin types DRY DRY Deo Roll (769 rub.)


This stone is considered to be the hardest in the world, and its price (in processed form) can exceed hundreds of millions of dollars. Benefit in the cosmetics use only its dust, so fabulous money for it will not have to give. But the benefits - as you like. Diamond dust has exfoliating, polishing, healing, antibacterial, regenerating and rejuvenating properties. Regular use of caring cosmetics with diamond dust has the most brilliant effect: the skin is smoothed, the complexion improves, the relief is flattened, the pores are narrowed, the cells are regenerated, the aging process is slowed down, the collagen is produced with a new force. A gemstone is added to peelings, scrubs, facial cleansers, creams, masks. True, the composition of cosmetics contains powder of artificially grown diamonds, but their properties completely coincide with natural diamonds. By the way, very often with diamond dust, curative coatings for nails are made - these products strengthen and restore nail plates.

Gold and other jewelry as part of cosmetics

The Refining Facial Renovating Scrub Mask, La Mer (4,999 rub.)three-component mask complex “Active Lifting and Restoration”, Double Dare OMG (3,190 rubles)Diamant de Beaute, Carita diamond face cream (price on request)


Its magical properties are known from the time of Ancient China. Young girls made masks and creams based on pearl powder, so their skin was always snow-white, smooth, clean and radiant. Currently, beauty brands add pearl powder in moisturizing creams for the face and hands, anti-aging and leveling masks, sunscreens. Thanks to cosmetics based on pearls, your skin will always be healthy, beautiful and well-groomed. The substances contained in the biomaterial are a building block for skin cells, amino acids protect against photoaging, fight free radicals and improve metabolic processes, and mother of pearl fills the skin with natural radiance. In addition, masks based on pearls promote active cell regeneration, thereby preventing the appearance of age spots.

Gold and other jewelry as part of cosmetics

Pearl Body Lotion Stenders (1 450 rub.);serum for radiance of the skin against pigment spots Le Blanc, Chanel (7 311 rub.)Eye Gel Illuminating Eye Gel, La Mer (9 950 rub.)


This rich purple color gem has incredible power. Cosmetics with the addition of ruby ​​powder protects the skin from aging, ultraviolet radiation, removes toxins and toxins, accelerates healing processes and strengthens the skeleton of the dermis. The rejuvenating properties of ruby ​​are also known: of course, the stone does not know how to smooth out wrinkles, but due to its reflective properties it makes them not so pronounced, simply speaking, it deceives everyone, hiding wrinkles behind its brilliance. In addition, it is worth putting on the skin cream with particles of ruby, as it is transformed in a flash - it looks fresh, rested, moisturized.

Gold and other jewelry as part of cosmetics

Matting CC Cream with Ruby Crystals Glow, Dr. Brandt (2 400 rub.)lipstick Rouge G, Guerlain (1 724 rub.)hydrogel patches for the eyes Vitalizing Solution Pomegranate & Ruby Hydrogel Eye Patch Premium Pack, BeauuGreen (1 920 rub.)


The stone, which is considered truly royal and is present in the engagement ring of the Duchess of Cambridge, also learned to use to make cosmetics. True, he did not find such popularity as, for example, a diamond, but its useful properties should not be diminished. Sapphire particles have whitening and soothing properties, therefore they are able to fight pigmentation, inflammation and redness.Creams that contain this stone have a toning and smoothing effect, so they can be used to slightly rejuvenate the skin.

Gold and other jewelry as part of cosmetics

Grinding face mask Kashmir Saphir, Själ (5,053 rubles)cream for sensitive skin "Sapphire" Sensitive Skin Cream, Gemology (price on request)


It is believed that tourmaline is the only stone with an energy field. It balances electric currents, creates a thermal effect, enhances metabolic processes and removes toxins from the body. Thanks to the negatively charged particles, tourmaline destroys pathogens, therefore stone-based agents are effective in treating eczema, dermatitis, and acne. Applying a cream, serum or mask to your skin, which contains tourmaline powder, you will feel a weak electrical current, which improves blood microcirculation. Due to this, the renewal process is launched, the color of the face is improved and the facial tone is smoothed, mimic wrinkles are smoothed.

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