Grandeur of felt hydrangeas - original decorative cushions for interior decoration

Charming felt cushions that look like hydrangea inflorescences can add a special touch to the atmosphere. Like real colors, they can have a wide variety of colors. If desired, it is possible to adjust not only the size of individual flowers in felt inflorescences, but also their number.

In nature, a multicolor hydrangea is much less common than a monochrome one. Creating a felt bouquet is easy to fix.

The birth of felt hydrangea step by step

In addition to sewing accessories for the manufacture of pillows will need:

  • felt selected colors;
  •  filler;
  • hot melt glue

To begin, cut out 2 circles of the right size, sew them and fill them with filler.

Using the mold form the leaves of green felt.There are 2 blanks per 1 sheet, which must be strung together to ensure density.

From the chosen for creating a bouquet of felt we cut out the blanks of flowers of the right size.

In a convenient way, we attach the leaves to the pillow and glue the flowers with the help of hot melt glue.

Our pillow is ready! That's how it looks from the back.

If desired, you can even make several pillows. Superfluous, they just will not.

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