Growth and development of the embryo in dogs

Growth and development of the embryo in dogsThe most intensive growth and development of the embryo in dogs accounted for the first third of intrauterine life, the largest increase in weight (in absolute terms) - for the last third of sex. The composition of the fetus with growth and development varies: the content in the body of dry matter, protein, fat, minerals increases.


The study of such a phenomenon as the development of an embryo in dogs at different periods of intrauterine life under different feeding conditions of the mother showed that the nature of the diet has a significant impact on the growth and development of the fetus. To obtain a healthy, well-developed offspring, it is necessary to create optimal conditions in the embryonic and prefetal periods of their embryonic development, when the processes of organogenesis (organ formation) are intensive. At the same time, anatomical features develop in the structure of organs and pedigree features are formed. The need for nutrients in this period is small, however, the embryo should receive a comprehensive nutrition.


In the last - fetal - the period of embryonic development, when the mass and size of the fetus are intensively increasing, its need for nutrients quickly increases. Abundant and complete feeding of the uterus during this period is necessary to obtain a strong, well-developed offspring and good milkiness of the uterus.

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