Gum hurts, what to do?

It seems that a wisdom tooth has begun to erupt; this is just a nightmare! The second day it is impossible to chew, the gum is very sore, the taste of blood in the mouth Tell me how to relieve pain in the gums, what to do at home? See a doctor now is not possible.


Buy a special solution for rinsing with anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. I doctor prescribed OKA. There are analogues cheaper, you can ask at any pharmacy.

Nimesil helps relieve toothache. But in general, of course, it is better for you to go to the dentist. Because a wisdom tooth can increase the temperature and even complicate things, therefore, an incision of the gums is sometimes required.

Dentaguttal - good toothache drops on a natural basis

make an x-ray of a tooth and then see your dentist

In such a situation, I immediately drink pain medication, I myself somehow got a little crazy about my toothache ((my husband gave

Guys, urgently need help! Toothache tortured much, it is clear that I have to run to the doctor, but my toothbrush is on vacation, and I'm afraid to go to the strangers.Maybe you will advise at the time a good painkiller?

Try Dexalgin. Good painkillers for toothache should help.

Thanks for the advice, I will send my husband to the pharmacy!

it’s impossible to joke with, you should go to the doctor right away

Try to rinse with a decoction of sage, but not the fact that it will help! you still have to go to the doctor!

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To the doctor is necessary. Perhaps you need to cut the gum, only he will tell you. Otherwise, it may start to grow crookedly and will hinder other teeth.

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Usually calming seagulls helped me. But it was a long time when I saw blood when I was brushing my teeth forever. Just from that same gum

It is possible and folk remedies to treat inflammation in my sister stubbornly with sage and oak bark rinse your teeth. It helps, only then teeth whiten. I make it easier, so that the gums are healthy. I rinse with periodontaltocid solution, and by the way, sage and other herbs do not paint the teeth and the inflammation with bleeding gums heals quickly.

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