Scrunchy kanzashi for hair from satin ribbons - master classes, ideas, photo

Of all the crafts made of satin ribbons, kanzashi hair bands are the most popular. Decorate jewelry can be beads, beads, stones and other materials. And, most importantly, to create unique beautiful rubber hair for Kanzash technique can be hand-made. It's not difficult to do this, even a novice needlewoman can master the process of making accessories.

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Kanzashi hair tie

It is enough to allocate quite a bit of time to a beautiful hair tie using the kanzashi technique, as well as to prepare the necessary materials and tools. If desired, you can use a ribbon of other colors. For example, make the accessory more vivid by combining pink and green.

Materials and tools

To make tapes a simple gum for your own hair, you need to prepare the following:

      • Satin ribbons of two shades (different in width);
      • glue;
      • scissors;
      • tweezers;
      • candle, matches (you can lighter);
      • half bead;
      • elastic;
      • base (satin fabric, cardboard circle).

On a note! For bonding parts when performing kanzashi gum is more convenient to use a glue gun.

Step-by-step master class

When all materials have been prepared, you can start creating gum in kanzashi style to decorate your hair, and it will help to do everything correctly with a step-by-step master class with a photo:

      1. Cut the ribbon more than 10 squares wide. Fold each in half to make a triangle.
      2. Collapse the corners of the long side of the triangle to the bottom.
      3. Collapse the resulting diamond in half, as shown in the photo. Holding the corners of the finished petal, glue them together.
      4. Scissors cut off the lower part of the petal.
      5. Singe a place cut cut a candle or cigarette lighter. Similarly make the remaining petals. Bind them together. Get the bottom base of the flower.
      6. From a ribbon of a different color cut into 8 squares.
      7. Fold diagonally.
      8. Make petals by analogy with black products. Also bond them to the flower with glue.
      9. Now it's time to tackle the groundwork.For this you need to take a circle of cardboard. Its diameter should be about 1.5 cm. You will also need a section of atlas, 3x3 cm in size. Drop a drop of glue on the center of the cardboard one.
      10. From above to paste black atlas. Bend the ends of the material to get the product, resembling a button.
      11. Glue the "button" to the center of the bottom of the flower.
      12. Prepare gum and a small section of the atlas.
      13. Glue the gum to the "button".
      14. Stick the top of the flower on the bottom.
      15. Stick the semi-bead on top.

Beautiful kanzashi rezinochka in the form of a flower is ready. Now it can be used for its intended purpose.

Beautiful hair tie made of satin ribbon

Summer is the time for interesting activities, good mood and beautiful outfits. Floral motifs are always in fashion, so the elastic in the shape of a flower, made using kanzashi technique of satin ribbons, will successfully complement any image.

Materials and tools

To create your own kanzashi gum you will need the following set of materials and tools:

      • Satin ribbon of two colors (width - 5 cm, length - 0,5 m);
      • a satin ribbon of green color (width - 2.5 cm, length - 40 cm);
      • bead;
      • elastic;
      • bracket for gum;
      • thread;
      • glue;
      • soldering iron (lighter can be used);
      • needle;
      • tweezers;
      • ruler.

Step-by-step master class

A master class for making kanzashi rezinochek for beginners is presented below:

      1. Cut wide ribbons into 9 squares each. There should be 18 equilateral figures of two colors.
      2. In turn, a narrow green ribbon is cut into strips of 5.5 cm long. A total of 6 strips will be used.
      3. Fold the petals of the future flower with tweezers. First, the square must be bent diagonally.
      4. Similarly, fold a figure from a ribbon of a different shade and impose it on top of the first triangle.
      5. One of the double corners is bent down, as in the photo.
      6. Do the same with the opposite corners.
      7. Fold in half and clamp with tweezers or another device that is able to securely hold the product.
      8. Melt the edges with a soldering iron. Instead, you can also use a lit candle or a lighter.
      9. Similarly make five more petals. There should be a total of six. Then you can start making petals for the second layer of kanzashi flower. In this case, they should be less than the previous ones.Therefore, there will be more waste.
      10. Also cut off the excess and sing the cut.
      11. Now you need to make the petal lower. To do this, it should be cut, as in the photo.
      12. Process the resulting cut with a soldering iron or a cigarette lighter.
      13. When the three petals are ready, you can start creating leaves. For their manufacture are used pre-prepared strips of satin ribbon.
      14. Fold the strip in half so that the smooth side is on the inside.
      15. Slightly bend one corner.
      16. Do the same with the second angle.
      17. Again bend the corners to the middle. In general, these manipulations resemble the manufacture of a paper airplane.
      18. It turns out such an amusing figure, which already looks like a leaf.
      19. Melt the ends.
      20. In total, you need to make six such leaves.
      21. Many details of the flower are ready. It's time to start making the basis for attaching an elastic band. To do this, cut a circle from satin ribbon. You can use a template or draw a circle with a compass.
      22. All elements of the flower are ready. It remains only to collect them in the overall composition.
      23. Using a needle and thread, string the petals alternately for the first and second rows.
      24. Tighten the thread tightly, straighten the petals.
      25. Apply glue to the circle, evenly spreading it on the surface. Stick to the base of the flower.
      26. On the petals of the first row to glue the second row, consisting of three elements. In the center fix the bead.
      27. In the "arch" of the satin flower to glue the leaves.
      28. Attach the elastic band to the round base using plastic staples or glue.

A beautiful gum of Kanzashi is ready. Surely, she will like any fashionista.

Ideas for creativity

Products made by Kansas technique, amaze with their diversity. You can make all kinds of flowers, bows, butterflies, etc. from satin ribbons. And if you use beautiful beads, beads and other decorative elements, the decoration will not be equal.

The photo shows new ideas for creativity that will inspire needlewomen to create unique kanzashi gum.

Video: how to make a gum kanzashi do it yourself

Having mastered the simple technique of making kanzashi gum, you can gradually move on to more complex practice. Work with satin ribbons captures so much that it is impossible to break away from it.

MK for the manufacture of rubber bands Kanzashi are presented below.

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