Hair loss: a panacea or a temporary phenomenon?

Causes of hair loss can be infectious diseases, such as flu or acute respiratory infections. These diseases are accompanied by fever, which negatively affects the hair follicles. As a result, the hair can thin out even after 3 months after recovery. Chronic kidney disease can also weaken the hair. Identify the cause of the loss of strands, and the trichologist will help restore the hair.
Hair loss can be prevented. In cosmetology and medicine, a lot of tools that eliminate such a loss. For example, laser comb. This method is well suited for thin and brittle hair. The undoubted advantage is the ability to use at home. Laser light stimulates cell division, improves blood circulation in skin vessels, and as a result, hair roots receive more oxygen.
If stresses, depressions became the cause of the loss, learn to disconnect from problems.Visit a psychologist, master the techniques of relaxation through meditation, special exercises. For example, yoga will help to find an inner balance.
Sharp weight loss is also quite capable of causing hair loss. Together with adipose tissue, the body breaks up with fat-soluble vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy hair. You need to lose weight gradually, under the supervision of a nutritionist.
Diseases of the thyroid gland also negatively affect the condition of the hair. Diseases such as hyperthyroidism, autoimmune thyroiditis, contribute to the loss of strands. In this case, you can lose hair gradually or all at once, depending on the degree of the disease. Treatment is prescribed by an endocrinologist.

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