Heidi Klum starred topless for Maxim magazine

The May issue of Maxim magazine with Heidi Klum on the cover proves: age is just a figure. “I’ll have a nose like Pinocchio’s if I say that I don’t care about age at all, because I’m constantly asked about it,” says the heroine of the issue on the pages of the publication. - I am under scrutiny. Naturally, if you compare the photos, now I look different from my 24 years. But, for a moment, I am 44 and I have four children. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and pleasant to look at yourself in the mirror. We are not younger, and I am not without effort, but I try to come to terms with this thought. ”

Recently, on the Ellen DeGeneres Shows talk show, Heidi Klum was forced to respond to allegations that she was too old to advertise underwear. “At such moments I always think of women who are now 50, 60, 70 years old ...” she said. - Do we have an expiration date? Can't we feel sexy? I feel sexy. ”

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