Here is the news: Prince Harry is almost three times richer than his brother

Journalists were shocked when they compared the welfare of two brothers ...

It seems that the comparison of the style of the duchess Kate and Megan is about to fade into the background ... After all, the British journalists dug up a more interesting topic, namely, they climbed into the brothers' wallet. And it turned out that William, although closer than his brother in line to the throne, but much poorer than Harry!

Photo: Legion-Media

It is unlikely, of course, that he asks his brother for money, and yet his condition is much poorer ...

To begin correctly, after the death of their mother, Princess Diana, they inherited equally 10 million pounds sterling. But there is another curious detail, namely the thoughtful and cunning move of their great-grandmother. The Queen Mother, when the grandchildren were still young, invested two thirds of her property in a trust fund, so that they could competently dispose of them ...

The rest of her savings were handed over to Harry, while William inherited the smaller part of them.

But it's not about the personal preferences of the queen mother.She only foresaw the course of further events ... After all, when William becomes king, he will have at his disposal the Duchy of Cornwall, which funds the public, charitable and private activities of the heir to the throne.

But Harry will have to live to the end of life with what is. Of course, he is unlikely to this very much saddened.

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