Horoscope deficiencies: caution, Gemini!

It is worth talking about Gemini, and then you hear: "Oh, they are so wonderful, bright, sexy, funny, charming" and thirty-three more similar epithets. Yeah, while you talk to them superficially, they are. And only those who encountered them closely or lived together know the opposite side. Here we go? Let's go over the flaws of these charming girls.

"Do not believe in Gemini, something that promises"

To promise everything and more, and then make a surprised face and give out a phrase like: “I don’t know anything, there wasn’t anything like that”? Yes, easily! The memory of Gemini is very selective, it clearly fixes that someone owes them something, but their promises in their heads are somehow not delayed. Convenient, isn't it? You can always blame everything on its suddenness and contradiction, on failures in this very memory, and this despite the fact that representatives of this sign easily and naturally operate with a huge amount of information and clearly remember all the gossip they picked up.

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