Advise what is better in a private house battery or stove?


I used to have batteries, such trouble with them until you set your head to break yourself. And all because she was afraid to stink at night, it is now funny just to remember your thoughts. It is such a bliss to have a stove at home, sit down in the evening with a glass of wine, spouse, children and enjoy. At one time ordered herehttps: //xn--80akiglhhi7e6b.xn--p1ai/

In winter, every day to heat the stove!)

We chose the batteries and also insulated the house outside, in this store we were helped to choose high-quality insulation., in general, the result is both satisfied with the heat of the house and less hassle than with the stove, it is possible that the stove is practical as a design, but we decided to simplify our task.

a guest26.09.18 08:58

the main thing that was warm, this should be repelled.

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