How a fashion blogger arranged a wedding cooler than Megan Markl

Preparation for the wedding was so long that the lovers had the son Leo.

To have a royal wedding, you don’t have to marry a prince ... It was proved by a 31-year-old Italian - fashion blogger and business woman Chiara Ferraña. The girl arranged a wedding in the oldest chapel in Sicily, even cooler than Megan Markl. Preparation for a large-scale celebration lasted more than a year.

2 Sep 2018 at 1:09 PDT

The wedding ceremony took place in the Palazzo Ducecio, built in the XVIII century in the commune of Noto in Sicily. Chiara went to the altar in a luxurious dress with a Dior Couture train, while the bridesmaids were wearing pink Alberta Ferretti outfits.

After the official ceremony, a festive banquet took place. At the party, Chiara put on another Dior dress. The dress on the straps was embroidered with quotations from the song of Ferrany's husband, which he sang when he proposed to her.

However, this is not the only author's stroke that the couple made to the ceremony.By the cherished date, souvenirs were released: plates with the image of the bride and groom, as well as plush dolls, which are a comic copy of the bride and groom ...

And finally, like the royals, the newlyweds refused gifts, and asked to donate money to a charitable foundation.

The triumph budget perpetrators prefer not to disclose. But they laugh that the preparation lasted so long that they had a son Leo during this time, who became the most important guest for them.

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