How Boris Nemtsov calculated the property of Vladimir Putin

At the end of August 2012, Boris Nemtsov, in collaboration with Leonid Martyniuk, a member of the council of the Solidarity movement, presented a report that listed Vladimir Putin’s property. The work was published under the title “The life of a slave in galleys (palaces, yachts, cars, airplanes and other accessories)”. It was taken from the statement of V. Putin himself at a press conference in 2008, when the president said that he "plowed like a slave on galleys."
The work of Nemtsov and Martynyuk consists of 7 parts: introduction, conclusion and 5 sections that are devoted to a certain type of property of the head of state - palaces, air transport, cars, yachts, clocks. The description of each item in the list of wealth is accompanied by a brief description, photographs and commentary on its value. The head of the country has at his disposal 20 residences, 58 air transport units, 4 luxury yachts.His collection of watches is estimated at 22,000,000 rubles, while his declared income for the year is 3,661,765 rubles. According to the authors of the work, living in such a luxury against the background of the poverty of the majority of the population is not normal for the head of state.
Each item in the list of property of the head of state is a link to an Internet resource, from which information about it was taken. However, such sources cannot be considered completely reliable. Press Secretary of V. Putin Dmitry Peskov noted that the property listed in this report is state property, and information about it is absolutely open. He called the work itself “pseudo-accusation” on the part of Nemtsov for raising its rating.
The circulation of the report is small - only 5 thousand copies, because its authors count, first of all, on the network distribution.

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